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Netflix Fairy Tail Edens Zero Anime Season 1 Review

Fairy Tail Edens Zero anime is one of the latest Netflix releases. Premiered on April 2021, this Japanese Sci-fi Manga series is written by Hiro Mashima, which revolves around Shiki Granbell starts his voyage across titular spacecraft across differents in search of “Mother” the cosmic goddess. While Eden Zero anime series was adapted for Netflix release, there’s also a videogame adaptation planned by Konami. Are you confused about should you watch the series or whether it’s the sequel of Fairy Tail, we’ve got you covered!

Fairy Tail Edens Zero Anime Review

Fairy Tail Eden Zero anime is the latest Japanese sci-fi manga series that takes us through a character Shiki Granbell who starts his voyage on a spaceship to hunt for “Mother”, the cosmic goddess. Shinki Granbell, who lives on a planet named Granbell, where robots live in a deserted theme park in Sakura Cosmos. It’s one day when Rebecca and her cyber cat arrive at their place and meet Shinki Gambell. 

The robots in the Park insist Shiki Grambell leave with his new friends Rebecca and her cyber cat to hunt for their cosmic goddess “Mother”.On his way, he is faced by interstellar warship Eden Zero captained by his grandfather, the Demon King Ziggy. The major why fans seem to be a bit confused is the reason whether it’s a fairytail mashup of random characters being picked for adaptation, seems unanswered.

Is Netflix Eden Zero anime a fairy tail sequel?

Netflix Eden Zero anime is similar to Rave that Fairytail, although both series are written by Hiro Mashima. Eden Zero was written just after a year of fairy tail’s release, the series is actually much darker than his other series.

How many episodes does Eden Zero have?

Netflix Eden Zero anime consists of 11 episodes, originally released on Nippon TV on April 11, 2021.

Where to Watch Edens zero anime?

Eden Zero anime was released on Nippon TV on April 11, 2021, but Netflix has bought its rights. Hence, Netflix will premiere Eden Zero anime on August 26, 2021.

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