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Netflix Anime Record of Ragnarok S1 Manga Review

Netflix’s increased market shares in Anime for 2021 has made Anime fans even more excited! While their initial adaptation was inspired by Trese, the Philippines comic, Netflix anime Record of Ragnarok is the latest release that fans are going crazy about.

Obviously, the ultimate fight between the gods and superhumans wins the race of why fans are getting addicted to the series, Record of Ragnarok anime is based on Manga series covering 13 chapters, the ending is still in process.

Netflix Anime Record of Ragnarok Plot:

In Netflix’s latest release, Record of Ragnarok anime we see a council of gods where they’ve reconnected to decide the fate of humans.

They are disappointed in their creation and regret bringing mankind to life as they’re the major reason for destruction and war. After 7 million years of human history, gods decide that humanity should extinct and a new world with new creatures must be born.

While most of the gods agree to it, Valkyrie Brunhild suggests giving humans one last chance and they get to fight for their existence.

Netflix Record of Ragnarok Anime Ending Explained

Gods agree for this face-off, obviously, they’re stronger and will defeat mankind in no time. Hence the superhumans are provided with a weapon that can be used according to their power.

Adam vs Zeus is the best fight ever!

13 chosen superhumans fight against 13 gods, the best of all would be Adam vs. Zeus fight, undoubtedly. Adam was the first human in the history of Mankind and Zeus being the king of gods is powerful!

Zeus is pompous and egotistical, as he has the most dramatic entry of all gods, on the other hand, Adam is ruled by announcer Heimdall, who’s known to be the biggest hater of gods. When Adam enters the hall, he bites the forbidden apple and spits it to show his derision towards the gods. 

The reason for Adam’s hatred towards gods rooted when Adam and Eve were cast out of paradise as they consumed the forbidden apple, since a false claim was made against him by a serpent god.

Adam, being the father of humanity steps into the race as it’s his responsibility to fight for their existence. He’s gifted with “Divine Reflection” that means he copy any move, replicate it and even improvise it if he wants.

On the other hand, Zeus is the king of gods (extremely powerful), but since Adam’s skill of dodging any move took a toll on Zeus as he received a similar and better counter back from Adam due to his divine powers puts Zeus on his knees in the end!

Is Netflix Anime Record of Ragnarok worth a watch?

Of course yes! Netflix anime Record of Ragnarok stands out of all anime series so far. The details of animation and designing the characters is an absolute piece of art and we get to see much more reference, of which why a specific character is like that. The hyper-stylized characters also add to some comic moments, keeping the audience hooked from start to end.

Whether it’s Aphrodite’s breasts being held by statues because of their gigantic size, Ares with his tiny teacup, or the insane muscle contortion of Zeus or a giant Mjolnir that makes no sense, every detail has been picked and stylized in a way it’s visually appealing. There’s emotion and power. This fight between the gods and humans is going to be the best match ever!

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