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Netflix Anime Trese Creatures Origin Explained

Netflix Trese is the latest web series that brings us with the first even Filipino-based folklore which has kept audiences wonder about a lot of details and especially the demonic mythological creatures. Released on June 11, 2021, Season 1 of Trese covers Alexandra Trese’s origin and her past while also introducing different Trese creatures that we would discuss in this article.

While we’ve already covered the ending explanation of Trese, to give you a minor contextThe story runs around Trese as she’s the chosen one to save the urban city of the Philippines from demonic supernatural creatures who’re determined to end mankind. Wondering which creatures were introduced in the series? Here is a list of demonic mythological creatures in Trese, that were introduced in season 1.

Netflix Anime Trese Creatures Origin Explained

Netflix Anime Trese Creatures Origin Explained

Here’s a list of Trese Creatures of the latest Netflix anime series, Trese:

  1. Duwende
  2. Elementals
  3. Emissary of the goddess Ibu
  4. Ibwa
  5. Kapre
  6. Laman Lupa
  7. Mannananggal
  8. Nuno
  9. Sigbin
  10. While Lady


 Netflix Anime Trese Creatures Duwende

Translated to English as “Dwarves”, they are Filipino mythical creatures shown in Netflix Trese that are known for being highly magical playful, and environmental guardians. The name is derived from the Spanish phrase “dueno de casa” which means the owner of the house as they are believed to be living under earth mounds that look like anthills but they are also believed to reside in trees mushrooms and even the nooks and crannies of your houses. Dwarves demand respect from strangers and one could show it either through prayers or sacrificial offerings but those who dare to destroy their homes would face the reckoning as dwarves are known to be heartless when it comes to taking revenge. 


 Netflix Anime Trese Creatures Elementals

The concept of elemental is associated with specific elements such as fire water air and earth. The Swiss philosopher Barassos was the first one to divide it into four categories. In Netflix Trese, we see Alexandra Trese meeting two elemental creatures of Air Hana and Ami Hana. Trese also had a battle against Bhagwan Kolem Lim an elemental creature of lightning who is the Xion of the powerful family led by Bacon. In the series, we see the Manobo goddess of the underworld Ibu leading the train of souls and giving some advice to Alexandra Trese.

3.Emissary of the goddess Ibu

Netflix Anime Trese Creatures Emissary of the goddess Ibu

Tribes during the pre-colonial era buried their dead through mummification, a few also put their deceased loved ones on a boat and cat them off the rivers. Brings us to the greek mythology of Sharon, a boatman of the underworld who guides the souls through. Since Trese is set in the modern period in the underworld, we get to see that emissary of the Manobo goddess of the underworld Ibu, leading the train of souls and giving souls of advice. 


Netflix Anime Trese Creatures Ibwa

Ibwa is known as the leader of one of the criminal gangs that are living in the metro, have human form but they’re corpse-eating spirit. Hence, he would stalk the house of a dying person, steals their body discouraging their families from funeral their bodies. These are one of the mysterious yet dangered demonic supernatural creatures humans fear.


Netflix Anime Trese Creatures Ibwa Kapre

Kapre is a mythical character with colonial and racist roots. These Spaniards, are non-believing negrito ethnic people, they associate with really dark hairy creatures are believed to reside in ancient huge trees like Banyan trees. In the Philippines, people fear them as notorious kidnappers of beautiful women who wander at night.

6.Laman Lupa

Netflix Anime Trese Creatures Laman Lupa

In the Netflix anime series Trese, Laman Lupa is addressed as earth mounts that are servants of Earth elements. They could be quite devastating as either you can hide from them to save yourself or get crushed into pieces.


Netflix Anime Trese Creatures Mannananggal

Mannananggal is a self-segmenting demonic supernatural creature, mostly known to be a woman who separates her lower half from the torso and flies to eat the unborn infants. The legend says that when you a wing flopping over a roof at night it’s a Mannanangal but when it’s totally inaudible is when she’s already above you.


Netflix Anime Trese Creatures Nuno

Another set of dwarfs are known as Nuno, in the Netflix anime series Trese, we see Nuno in n old man form who works as Trese’s informant. Nuno’s are known to be dwellers of mounts, very similar to goblins of western culture. Nuno’s are harmful to those who disturb their homes.


Netflix Anime Trese Creatures Sigbin

Sigbin is a very fast tiny creature like frogs, kangaroo, and goats. They live in jars and only come out in the open during full moon nights. They drink the blood of humans right out of their shadows and definitely risky creatures as they’re the shaper-shifters too.

10.White Lady

Netflix Anime Trese Creatures White Lady

The white lady is a popular ghost story and has various versions apart from Philipines too. In the Netflix anime series Trese, we get to see the most iconic ones of all is the Pinoy Urban legends, is the White lady of Balete Drive where according to the legends, this white lady died in a car accident while driving, while some also say that she died of waiting for her lover. 

These were Netflix Trese Creatures that were shown in each episode. These creatures are dangerous and also add characters in the whole chase of Trese fighting for the good. To much surprise, there are more villains shown in the post-credits scene that you can refer to in Netflix Post Credit Scenes. Have you watched the series yet? Do let us know which was the favorite part of the series, streaming on Netflix.

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