Netflix Anime Trese Season 1 Review, Who Is The Killer?

The latest Netflix Anime Trese is showing major positive reviews all around the world. Based on a Korean comic of the same name written by writer Budjette Tan and artist Kajo Baldisimo talks of crimes of supernatural beings that overtakes the underworld and humanity. Alexandra Tresa and her father are chosen on earth to be the guardian of humanity. Hence this horror series with 6 episodes takes us through the war between the good and the bad as yet again, the world is hit by an apocalypse.

Netflix Anime Trese Review Season 1

Netflix anime Trese introduces us to the concept that not only humans commit crimes but the supernaturals do it too. The City of Manila is ruled by a supernatural being from the Philippines during midnight in a motive to finish humanity to its end. The series is marvelously produced as there’s quite a resemblance between the book and the web series that you see. Trese is the ultimate guardian and healer of mankind hence she must do everything possible to get rid of these demon-looking supernaturals.

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The series takes us through the journey of Trese who was a special-born child who would rule the underworld in the future but then she reveals that she’s not the sixth born since her elder sister was stillborn.

The first episode starts a bit slow giving us major Saturday morning cartoon vibes with heavy action sequences and setting up the plot of the history of Trese and how is the guardian and healer of Manila and has the capabilities of fighting these supernatural creatures.

As the story proceeds, we see that Trese with two assistants Crispin and Basilio work with the police force in the city to fight back these monsters living amongst humans. One of them joined hands with the mayor who’s trying to destroy mankind. Moving forward, we find out that General Villa who’s the real Talag Bussau who’s also the lord of war, which turns out to be a major twist.

Netflix anime Trese with two assistants Crispin and Basilio

Certain flashbacks connect us to what’s happening in the current situations it’s revealed that Trese’s father sealed this demonic lord of war for years but of course not forever. Hence he’s back on earth to finish humanity to its core. Trese being the sole guardian of the Philippines must find ways to seal him again so that the city is not bothered again.

Netflix Anime Trese Ending Explained

Alexandra Trese’s father spent ages to make sure that the demonic prophecies remain untrue and sealed him for years but sure, being the Lord of war, he can’t be locked forever. In the end scenes, we see Trese opening a dragon gate to seal him in an unknown dimension just as her father tried to do unsuccessfully since now he’s out. His prophecy leads to a civil war in the underworld.

Netflix Anime Trese god of war

Despite her father’s lies and deceptions that caused a civil war and manipulated so that no one would realize that Trese is a true prophecy. She returns to the ballet tree and envisions everyone who died in the fights and says that she’s home. Since the lord of war is inevitable, he must return!

Anime Trese Post Credits Scenes

Jiangchi, a Chinese folklore character known as a hopping Vampire

In the post-credits scenes, there’s not much that has been shown we see doc workers are brutally killed, and we get a good look at the killer. It mentions Jiangchi, a Chinese folklore character known as a hopping Vampire (hunts by night). These are re-animated bodies turned into vampires, and the law around them is quite ironic that they have their films giving us a hint of what a new villain’s entry for any upcoming season.


Netflix’s first Filipino anime series “Trese” is quite worth a watch. Not only the characters have been placed well but there is not much difference between the book and the adaptation.

Even if the characters do not stand out of the league the storyline keeps you hooked till the end while the flashback sequences keep us wanting to know more of the history, well that’s where we know more about what’s happening in the present. Trese is now streaming on Netflix, here’s the trailer to get you a better reference!

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