Netflix Anime Record of Ragnarok Strongest Superhumans

The latest Netflix anime Record of Ragnarok is on June 17, 2021. On its journey to happens when the fate of humanity is decided by a war between Record of Ragnarok Strongest superhumans in gods vs superhumans? Netflix Record of Ragnarok is a new anime series that deals with a story where the gods realize that humanity is only leading to its destruction, while most of the gods decide on destroying humanity and restarting the world fresh, the other gods are ready to give a second chance to mankind. Hence the war goes one on one. Netflix Record of Ragnarok Superhumans is the ones who fight for their existence with gods. 

Netflix Anime Record of Ragnarok

Every 1000 years the council of Vahalla meets in the parliament building to discuss the fate of humans on earth. While they’re disappointed in their decisions of forming mankind as they’re the reason Earth’s being destroyed, gods decide to keep a match between the gods and superhumans that are the major characters of Record of Ragnarok. Below is the list of Ragnarok superhumans that were chosen to fight against god for another chance of survival.

Record of Ragnarok strongest Superhumans

  1. Lu Bu
  2. Adam
  3. Kojiro Sasaki
  4. Jack the Ripper
  5. Raiden Tameemon 
  6. Buddha
  7. Qin Shi Huang
  8. Simo Häyhä
  9. Nikola Tesla
  10. Souji Okita
  11. Michel de Nostredame
  12. Sakata Kintoki
  13. Grigori Rasputin 

1.Lu Bu

Lu Bu was known to be the general and warlord who lived during the Han dynasty of Imperial China. He was the first human representative to fight the battle with the gods. His weapon is the Sky Piercer.

Netflix Anime Record of Ragnarok Lu Bu


Being the first man of the human race, Adam was the chosen one for the second match with his weapon is a knuckleduster.

3.Kojiro Sasaki

Known to be a famous Japanese swordsman and warrior with his Monohoshizao.

4.Jack the Ripper

Who doesn’t know about Jack, the ripper? The British serial killer from the 19th century who participates in the fourth match with his weapon gloves, as it turns into anything!

5.Raiden Tameemon 

Japanese Sumo wrestler from the 19th century, Raiden Tameemon was the chosen one for the fifth match with the weapon mawashi


Known as the ninth incarnation of Vishnu in Hindi mythology, Buddha was born as human but later known as “the enlightenment” entering godhood. He was chosen for the sixth match with his weapon where he can choose 6 different forms according to his emotions.

7.Qin Shi Huang

Founder of the Qin dynasty, Qin Huang was the first king to unite China in the 3rd century BC.

8.Simo Häyhä

A Finnish snipper of the 20th century was considered one of the most efficient snippers as he killed more than 500 in World War 2.

9.Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor from the 20th century who also spoke about the 369 technique!

10.Souji Okita

A skilled swordsman of his time, Souji Okita was the captain of the Shinsengumi a special police force from the 19th century in Japan.

11.Michel de Nostredame

Michel de Nostredame was a French physician and astrologer of the 16th century.

12.Sakata Kintoki

Sakata Kintoki was a Japanese folk hero from the Heian period.

Sakata Kintoki

13.Grigori Rasputin 

As per Russian mythology, a self-proclaimed holy man from the early 20th century.

Grigori Rasputin

In the war between the gods and superhumans, who would win the fight for the existence of mankind? Find out in the latest anime release Record of Ragnarok premiering on Netflix.

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