Netflix Record of Ragnarok Anime Ending Explained

The latest Netflix anime Record of Ragnarok has been the talk of the town for a lot of many reasons. While it’s still banned in India due to its controversy around Lord Shiva, the series is getting as many applauds for its stylized and humanized depiction of gods and superhumans. But the question arises that who wins the match between the gods and superhumans?

Netflix Anime Record of Ragnarok Plot Brief

Netflix’s latest release, Record of Ragnarok anime, starts at the council of gods, where they’ve reconnected to decide the fate of humans. Disappointed in their creation and regretting to bring humanity to life as they’re the major reason for destruction and war.

After 7 million years of human history, gods decide that humanity should become extinct and a new world with new creatures must be born. Lord Shiva suggests extinct humanity and recreate another creature of reproduction and start with a fresh set of creatures. Aphrodite, known to be the goddess of love and beauty, adds her sadness about the depleting environmental conditions, hence supporting Lord Shiva.

While most of the gods agree with it, Valkyrie Brunhild suggests giving humans one last chance and they get to fight for their existence. Gods agree for this face-off they’re stronger and will defeat humanity in no time, hence now the face-off!

Netflix Record of Ragnarok Anime Ending Explained

Netflix Record of Ragnarok anime ends with Chapter 13 of the manga series, which is still in process. In the Record of Ragnarok, Season 1 concludes with 3 matches: the first match is Thor vs. Lu Bu, where Lu Bu (the human form) is defeated, the second match has Zeus vs. Adam, which, after a long fight where it seems Adam was winning, is later defeated.

The third match is Kojiro Sasaki vs. Poseidon, for a change, Poseidon is killed that stresses the gods, as they realize humans must not be taken for granted as they’re strong enough to battle the gods!

In post-credits scenes, we see Hercules is put against British serial killer Jack the ripper. The gods wonder why he’s been chosen for the battle of humanity, Loki mentions that Brunnhilde is playing dirty as she says the gods must defeat the humans anyhow to wipe off humanity. The fight is still pending, confirming a season 2!

How strong is Adam’s record of Ragnarok?

Despite being a human, Adam is gifted with “Divine Reflection” that gives him the ability to dodge anything that he sees and improvise it too. He’s also gifted with durability when Zeus blinds him with his attacks, he’s still able to counter the attacks Apart from that, since he’s the first-ever human of mankind, being the father of the man, he’s responsible for saving humanity, hence Adam vs. Zeus is one of the best fights you would see.

Who is the main character of record of Ragnarok?

Valkyrie Brunhilde is one of the strongest characters of the Netflix Record of Ragnarok anime series. She’s the eldest of the Valkyrie sisters and has the power to choose which gods and humans get a chance to fight against each other, as she supports humanity and stands for providing humans a fair chance to fight for their survival. Currently, she is the ongoing protagonist who gets to choose the best of both teams.

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