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A Quiet place 2 Ending Explained

The Abbott family is back with a new series of adventures as A Quiet Place 2 set new box office records including the biggest opening weekend after the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Grossing over $138 million worldwide, the sequel of the movie was a much-awaited movie due to its dramatic abrupt ending.

While it was anticipated to have a theatrical release last year, the premiere was live on March 8, 2020, the release got postponed due to the pandemic and was finally released on May 28, 2021, in the US.

The film has received quite a positive response from the critics and the fans as John Krasinski has done a brilliant job in narrating a story that we knew in yet another dimension. 

Following the same storyline as in A Quiet Place, which ended quite at the climax, wanting the audiences to wonder what happened next is from where the story of A Quiet Place part 2 picks up. The action-packed horror sequel had a dramatic ending just as was expected and here we break down the ending of A quiet place 2.

A Quiet Place 2: Plot Details

a quiet place 2 apocalypse started

The prequel of the movie ends with Lee sacrificing himself for the survival of the family, their house is converted into ashes leaving the Abbott family to look for a new place, hence the journey of survival begins. The story starts back in time, where we see how the apocalypse started.

As the Abbott family attends their son Marcus’s baseball game, suddenly disturbed by the chaos as a flaming object slowly chases the Earth and we see numerous alien monsters with armored skin and extraordinary speed and strength sweeping of mankind on the Earth. So we get a glimpse of how it all started.

Cut to the present, the isolated home is now destroyed Lee is killed and the Abbott family (includes Regan, Marcus, a newborn, and Evelyn) starts their journey to find other survivors while they’ve survived for more than a year.

a quiet place 2 jungle scene

Regan has a cochlear implant hearing aid which if amplified makes the creatures vulnerable that helped to strike off the sound monsters while Lee was attacked. As they move forward to find other survivors, they face creatures on the way.

Now, they carry a portable guitar amplifier and microphone to use as a shield to amplify the vibrations of the hearing aid to use it when in need, hence survives it. 

On their way, they meet Emmett, Lee’s friend who shelters them in his bunker. Marcus and Regan find out a radio signal which plays “Beyond the sea” in repeat, and they find out that the song is a clue for all survivors to shelter, on the nearby island.

a quiet place 2 jungle scene ending explained

While we also see an unknown man who explains to Regan how the government sheltered the survivors on the nearby island when they discovered that these sound monsters cannot swim! Regan and Emmett make a plan to escape while Marcus traps himself in the bunker.

A Quiet Place 2 Ending explained

The ending of “A quiet place part 2” splits into two scenes where first, Regan and Emmett try to hunt for a boat while other where Marcus locks himself inside the bunker panicked as he sees Emmett’s wife’s corpse.

As we come closer to the climax setting of the premise, both Regan and Marcus of being attacked by creatures. While Regan transmits her hearing aid’s high-frequency through the radio station’s room speakers near the island, Marcus picks Regan’s sound vibrations and amplifies them through a portable radio that he had, hence killing the creatures that attack them, saving the Abbott family and Emmett, yet again.

Can we watch a quiet place 2 at home?

How to watch  A Quiet Place Part II online? It will be available on Paramount+(the new streaming service from ViacomCBS, which is an expansion of the CBS All Access service that offers access to a wide library of content as well as new streaming series and shows) after 45 days of release, most expected by Mid-July.


The ending of “A Quiet Place 2” was even more dramatic than expected.

While in the first one we see Lee figuring out that feedback of cochlear implant hearing aid made the sound monsters weak hence they’re able to defeat them. This time the sound monsters even happened to be the creature who can’t survive underwater, adding a feature.

Both Regan and Marcus were highlighted as the heroes as major action scenes were performed by them, displaying them as the responsible ones, taking charge of their mother and the newborn, carrying out Lee’s legacy with a bang.

Overall, the movie is much loved by the fans as they say it’s even better than the prequel and expecting a part 3, very soon.

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