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Aftermath Ending Explained: The mystery man revealed!

Netflix’s Aftermath is a crime thriller movie that claims to be a reality-based story, much like the Conjuring franchise. Directed by Peter Winther, it casts Ashley Greene and Shawn Ashmore as leads.

The movie follows the life of a young American couple, Kevin and Natalie who moves into a new Haunted house and strange events that follow.

Aftermath Plot

The movie starts with a woman calling 911, but she and her husband get killed by a mysterious man. Kevin works as a Crime scene cleaner and Natalie is a fashion designer. As a couple, Kevin and Natalie were going through relationship issues hence Kevin decides to do a fresh start by getting a new place and shifts to the Haunted House.

As they shift to the new place, strange things start to happen. On one end, Kevin receives porn magazines subscribed to his name, Natalie is faced with strange events which they assumed as hallucinations.

Things start to take a serious turn as their dog was found unconscious. Later when they took him to the doctor they found out that the dog is poisoned and will die soon. A similar incident happened to Kevin making Natalie a suspect for the doctor and the cop due to which she had to face a few interrogations.

Aftermath Ending Explained

Frustrated with certain events, Natalie meets Claudia to find out what happened to the previous owners. It is now revealed that Jay and Erin were having an unhappy marriage as Jay was cheating on Erin with Otto who was living in the secret chamber inside the house. Robert, Claudia’s husband requests Natalie to leave the house as he was in desperate need of money. 

As we proceed, it is revealed that the porn magazines and attempt to post vulgar posts were attempts Robert did to scare the couple so that could leave the house, but that didn’t justify the other deaths and events happening inside the house. 

In the climax, we get to see a thin white man, Otto who was hidden in the basement of the house, and Kevin and Natalie team up to kill the mystery man. 

Who was the mystery man?

Otto, a rail-thin white man was hiding in the basement of the house. In the last couple, Jay and Erin, Jay was cheating on Erin with Otto but later she went back to Erin, hence Otto was left alone.

When the new couple shifted to this place, Natalie became his next prey, therefore she saw strange things happening around her. It’s only when Natalie was alone in the house, Otto comes out attacking her but she and Kevin manage to stab him to death.

In the last credits, we see the couple leaving the place while the door of the closet gets locked on its own, surprising the audience as Otto was now dead!

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