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Black Box Ending Explained, What was Mrs. Brookes Plan?

Black Box is an American Horror film that was released in Oct. 2020 by Amazon Studios. It is one of the most epic movies that you would ever watch. A mixture of a sci-fi thriller and a light dose of horror aesthetic, it blew my mind away for all good reasons.

Did you ever get through the reasons behind the contorted figures, what do the black faces mean, what was the twist in the end, who was Thomas and why was he surrounded by darkness, why did Mrs. Brooks celebrate? Who is Nolan’s partner? What does the ending mean? Yeah, yeah, I know the questions pile up, but these need to be answered!

Black Box Plot 

Led by the cast Mamoudou Athie, Phylicia Rashad, Amanda Christine, Tosin Morohunfola, and Troy James. Jason Blum serves the movie.

Black Box starts with Nolan, who survives a car crash where he loses his wife even if he and his daughter Ava survive, he suffers from amnesia, hence having a hard time remembering things.

Black box nolan and his daughter

The story took a major turn as he was expelled from his job as a photographer and Ava’s school teacher warned him to be serious about Ava or else she would file a complaint to child services.

Frustrated, Nolan talks to his doctor friend Gary, who further suggests he should meet Dr. Brooke, who specialises in this. During his session with Mrs. Brooke, she introduced him to the concept of the Black Box.

Every time he attends one of the Black Box VR sessions, he’s haunted by contorted figures while the faces remain blank, depicting that he might regain his memory once he starts seeing faces. Now let’s get cut to the questions that still haunt us. 

Black Box Ending Explained

What was Mrs. Brookes Plan?

Two years before the timeline of the movie, Mrs. Brookes’s son, Thomas, an abusive father, and a husband, was killed by his wife. While nobody could save him and he was called brain dead,

His mother Mrs. Brookes downloaded his EEG data (his consciousness and was waiting for a brain-dead body where she could upload it and get her son back, which with Nolan, Mrs. Brooke found the chance she was waiting. 

Hence, whatever Nolan did was not him, but Thomas, as his consciousness has taken over Nolan’s consciousness. We see several instances where we see Nolan getting rude and abusive, just like Thomas was.

He also took Ava to a restaurant where Thomas used to take his mother as proof for the above. Therefore, Nolan and Thomas are now fighting for Nolan’s mind.

What were those contorted figures?

Throughout the movie, whenever Nolan attended the black-box sessions, he was interrupted by a distorted figure that he couldn’t explain, but he did share it with the doctors.

This contorted figure was nothing but Thomas’s conscious mind being a hurdle to bring back Nolan’s consciousness so that he can survive more. Similarly, when Thomas’s consciousness fully took over Nolan’s mind, he was interrupted by Nolan’s contorted figure.

Black Box Ending Explained

The film is titled Black Box, which also gives an idea of a black box double meaning. The ending scene is not the craziest to be expected, but still, it does good.

The ending consists of a plot twist where Nolan enters Thomas’s home which was the same home he saw in the Black Box visions, but his consciousness is ruled by Thomas.

Only when Dr. Gary and Ava reach the same plot, she screams at her dad while Thomas is interrupted by Nolan’s conscious figure.

Seeing his daughter screaming, Thomas remembers his daughter and how he’d hurt his wife and his kid, he leaves out of the black box door in that guilt, which means he would never come back.


In the end, we see Nolan fully in control of his conscious mind as he unites with his daughter Ava, we also see Mrs. Brooke having a backup of Thomas’ memory, which could be a plot setup for a sequel.

Overall, a movie fun to watch and decently crafted, you would the performances as they seem convincing enough. You can watch “Black Box” on Amazon Prime Video.

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