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Conjuring 3: The Devil made me do it Ending Explained

Wondering if the Conjuring 3 is worth watching? Being the 3rd installment of The Conjuring series and 8th movie of the conjuring universe, the Conjuring 3: The Devil made me do it is receiving quite an enormous response. Although the ratings are fluctuating at this moment, audiences are contented with the storytelling and performances of the creators overall. Released on June 4, 2021, due to the pandemic, the film is set in 1981 in Connecticut is based on the novel The Devil in Connecticut, a book about the trial written by Gerald Brittle with Warrens as leads played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga reprising their roles as usual.

The Conjuring 3 Plot Review

Conjuring 3 The Devil made me do it Ending Explained

The plot starts with Warrens documenting an exorcism of 8-year-old David Glatzel which was attended by his parents, his sister Debbie and her boyfriend Arne and Father Gordon. While they were performing the exorcism process, Arne invites the devil so that it leaves the child and the demon transports itself inside Arne, Ed notices, but he gets a heart attack hence gets hospitalized in that situation.

Past a month, Ed reveals to Lorraine that he witnessed the demon inside Arne and he would now be in trouble. Lorraine sends Police to Kennel’s place (Debbie & Arne landlord) as he might be in trouble, undoubtedly Arne murders his landlord by stabbing him 22 times under the demon’s influence.

His case became the first case of an American murder trial to claim demonic possession as a defense, the investigation started. Warrens find out about a witch’s totem, as Kastner reveals that the occultist might have intentionally left the totem to keep the cult alive. The Warrens travel to Danvers, Massachusetts to learn about the death of Kate who was also stabbed 22 times by her best friend Jessica who was missing according to the detective.

On that point Lorraine envisions the whole scene where she finds out that Jessica might have jumped from the cliff, and that they did find a body, the detective surrendered all files to her. 

The Conjuring 3 Ending Explained

The story gets intense as the couple comes back and finds the totem in their house inside a bouquet of black dry roses.

Drew gives a book of Stregherian witchcraft he found to Ed which mentioned that to destroy the curse, the occult must be killed hence the cycle of the cult breaks. When Lorraine asks Kastner’s help, he mentions his daughter Isla, who was a violation of the requirement of clerical celibacy in the Catholic Church, hence was kept hidden.

As she grew, her interest in the occult grew becoming into one and he leads her to the tunnel where she locates the altar. In the end, Ed also finds a way to reach the tunnel where he gets possessed by the demon and tries to kill Lorraine while she reminds him of their moments of love that saves her from getting killed. Since now Ed is in his senses, he destroys the altar, which results in the death of the occult as her cult remained unfinished. While Arne is convicted of manslaughter, he gets imprisonment of 5 years where he marries Debbie and soon is released.

What was the cult in the Conjuring 3?

The cult required three souls, a child, a lover, and a man of god. In this case, David was the child, Arne the lover and Ed was at risk as he was the man of God.

Lorraine was threatened to know the fact that the cult works in both ways. One of them kills/stabs the other one followed by their suicide. That’s how Jessica killed herself after stabbing Kate. To break the cult, the occultist must be killed, as the occultist has the deal of death with the cult which if left incomplete, the demon kills the occult in return, that’s what happened in the end.


If you’ve seen the movies of the Conjuring universe, this movie has done quite a justice to the whole series, the Conjuring 3: The Devil made me do it is worth watching and with no disappointment whatsoever.

This one takes the franchise to newer highs revealing a chilling story of terror, murders, and the unknown evil as there are no dull moments overall. the Conjuring 3: The devil made me do it is streaming online on HBO max for all its subscribers since June 4, 2021.

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