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Cruella Ending Explained 2021

Disney’s new live-action release “Cruella” needs no reason to why you need to watch. Starring Emma Thompson and Emma Stone as the film’s leads, Cruella comes from the origin of Cruella de Vil’s character from the 1956 novel.

The Hundred and One Dalmatians, this one being the third movie of the Dalmatians franchise. The movie revolves around Estella Miller who grows into a villainous alter-ego Cruella whose only aim is to kill Baroness von Hellman as she finds out her being the reason for her mother’s (Catherine) death.

The movie in itself is one heck of a journey, as we discuss the plot and ending, you’ll know exactly why!

Cruella Plot Review

Estella Miller is born creative but with a disorder that makes her hair half white, half black, comparatively cruel but had a bang on flair in fashion. Hence, Catherine calls her “Cruella”.

Due to her rebellious behavior, her mother decided to relocate to London as she thought it would do good, but on the way, they stop at a party hosted by the wealthy Baroness von Hellman who also happened to be Catherine’s boss for financial help.

Sadly she gets denied and gets killed by the dogs of the famous fashion designer Baroness von. Orphaned Estella blames her to be the reason for her mother’s death.

Cut to ten years later, Estella is making ends meet as she befriends Jasper and Horace as thieves until her friends get her a job in Liberty departmental store. In the hope of landing into a better job position, Estella joins it but nobody pays heed to her skills.

Frustrated and drunk, Estella remakes one of the windows of the showroom that gets her a job with the famous London fashion designer Baroness von! It was a dream job for Estella until she sees her mother’s pendant on her neck which Baroness blames that an employee stole from her. 

The chase between the two of them starts as Estella sabotages every fashion event conducted by Baroness, stealing the show every time with her outfits. Meanwhile, she discovers that Baroness was her biological mother. But what happens in the end?

Cruella Ending Explained

The ending scene of the movie starts with a charity gala organized by Baroness, where Cruella dressed as Estella confronts Baroness that she’s her biological mother.

While the designer pretends to be emotional as Estella leading to push her from the cliff, the media captures it which results in arresting the famous designer. Cruella who was dressed as Estella survives as she had a parachute attached to her outfits while her friend waits for her in a boat.

The character of Estella dies as they put her name on the grave while Cruella now stays in her character, capturing the designer’s mansion, and the end!


In conclusion, it’s quite safe to say “Cruella” is one of the best Disney Live-action movies made so far,(Mulan was good too!) The movie is a prequel to the live-action 1990s 101 Dalmatians and the mid-credit scene sets it up nicely, set in 1970’s punk rock movements that can be seen in how the characters dress up.

Cruella’s costumes were one of the best statement-making pieces, her fashion choices taken a notch above since you can see some of the iconic looks of Emma Stone and Emma Thompson. 

The performances are also something to be appreciated, Cruella is a reimagining of how Cruella DeVil became probably the most well-known Disney villain of all time and how she became and embraced her evil side to her and what grace! Having that said, have you watched the movie yet?

Cruella is now available in Disney+ Premier Access

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