Flashback Movie 2021 Ending Explained: Is Cindy Dead or Alive?

Science fiction, mystery thriller, and coming of age drama are becoming our new favorite as Amazon Prime Video has a new movie to offer. Directed by Christopher MacBride, Flashback was initially named The Education of Fredrick Fitzell that casts Dylan O’Brien as Fred. While the film has its unique take on drug intake and hallucinations, the Flashback ending needs quite an explanation due to its unclear, and abrupt ending. Do you question what happened in the end and what the Flashback movie actually meant? Stay tuned till the end to get all your answers!

Flashback Movie Plot

The flashback movie revolves around Fred, a guy with a decent career who has a girlfriend Karen, and has a hobby. At this moment the reason for sadness is his ailing mother who’s living her last breath, the thoughts that haunt him to the core. Frustrated by the imminent loss of his mother, one day, while Fred is driving back on a one-way road a policeman castigates him. He witnesses a scar-faced man that leads him to trigger hallucinations of his past.

Those memories take him to recall his childhood crush Cindy, who got disappeared while they were in high school and was never found. He goes back to his school with his friends where he investigates his lost crush, Cindy. He is re-introduced to drugs called Mercury. In the end, we see Fred and his friends have a near-to-death episode when Fred wakes up to reality. Later he finds out the drug dealer kid in school was the scar-faced man now.

Flashback Movie Ending Explained

The drug dealer kid mentions that Fred’s life is being controlled by “an invasive “life-form” and was trying to control his thoughts. Since Fred consumed Mercury, it made him unable to think in a linear chronology. While he gets to know this, Fred hits the boy on his face, hence the scar-faced man we see as a grown-up. The next day, Fred faces parallel events, which seems quite a thing to join dots. These events lead them to Blackbird Street where he meets Cindy at the rooftop where they decide to travel to a different realm.

A different reality is shown here where these two explore places, Fred becomes an artist and also meets his mother as he cries since she’s about to die. That’s when Fred’s mother regains her memory and they unite. Fred decides to unfollow Cindy as this parallel world feels like a dream but is far away from societal expectations. He is back to his present reality where he does well in his job, and Karen is pregnant while his mother is no more.

Is Cindy Dead or Alive?

The ending of the Flashback movie brings us to two different realities. Cindy was shown in a parallel world, where things were different for both Fred and Cindy, where Fred is an artist by a seashore and both are happily ever after.

In reality, these things are not ideal as to societal expectations. In the end, Cindy is neither dead nor alive, a part of Fred’s past that should be in the past.

What happens to Fred in Flashback Movie?

In the last series, Fred realizes that drug consumption has to lead to various realities in his head which would take him to nowhere. Fred’s desire for Cindy was also a representation of our desires that are blocked by the capitalist society.

He was happy with Cindy in a different reality where he was an artist and they explored places but surely not how the hardcore society works. In the end, he leaves Cindy and returns to Karen, and lives a happy life.

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