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Ghost Lab Ending Explained 2021: Does an afterlife exist?

The latest Netflix release “Ghost Lab” Thai horror movie that is spooky, creepy, and full of jump scares. A story of two medical students explores the concept of the afterlife and makes a ghost lab to learn more about ghosts as they intend to call them to communicate for their project named “The Experiment”. Even if the story started really slow, it starts to intensify as we move ahead.

Ghost Lab Plot

Ghost Lab’s story starts with two medical students, Wee and Gla as they wonder about the existence of ghosts. Wee joined medical studies to get a cure for his mother who’s been in Coma past 8 years while Gla is a humorous boy but had a dark paranormal past hence he believes in it.

Ghost Lab Ending Explained

It’s only when Wee’s mother dies leaving him in shock and depression but also he gets a reason to research more about ghosts if he’s able to talk to the ghost of his mother, which happens. While both Gla and Wee witness the ghost, there’s absolutely nothing recorded in the camera as proof that ghosts exist.

To dig in more Glee decides to suicide so that he can meet his mother and ask certain questions, and the last time he saw her ghost, she was saying something which he couldn’t understand. Later when he attempted suicide, Gla interrupts him and kills himself instead.

Ghost Lab Ending Explained

The story takes a turn as Gla kills himself while Wee was planning to do so. Left shattered Wee continues himself to kill again but Gla’s spirit stops him. Further, he can communicate to Gla as he wanted to send a message to his family. Wee realizes that a ghost must have a purpose for him to come between the living, so when Gla’s message was sent to his family, he didn’t save Wee from harming himself. 

Later, he plans to physically assault his girlfriend so that Gla gets triggered and comes back to him and talks about his afterlife. Gla says that their quest of hunting for a ghost has made him a bad person and a bad soul and requests Wee to quit his experiment on ghosts. Well, that was also something Wee’s mom wanted to communicate.

Hence, he cleans Gla’s laptop and hands it over to Gla’s girlfriend Mai. Later his physical situation gets worse due to all the mental trauma he’s lived with hence his license gets canceled.

Why Gla refers to a beach while talking to Wee?

Well, when Wee visited Gla’s mom, he found his childhood pictures with his parents on the beach. Gla, by saying that he must stop hunting for ghosts meant these things doesn’t really matter after death.

ghost lab

What matters is a peaceful mind and calmness, which for Gla was that beach he was nostalgic about. Ghost Lab is now streaming on Netflix, so give it a watch!

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