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Gonjiam The Haunted Asylum Ending Explained

Gonjiam The Haunted Asylum is a found footage South Korean movie that is directed by Jung Bum Shuk stars Wi Ha-Joon, Park Ji-Hyun, Oh Ah-Yeon, Moon Ye-won, Park Sung-hoon, Yoo Je-Yoon, and Lee Seung-Wook as lead roles.

Being one of the most haunted places in the world, this horror-thriller movie brings lots of spooky moments you aren’t ready for. Having that said, let’s dive into the movie Gonjiam The Haunted Asylum ending explained.

What is the Movie about?

Gonjiam The Haunted Asylum Ending Explained

Gonjiam’s movie is based on a real-life haunted asylum where the director of the hospital used to conduct experiments on her patients. For some reason, the director and the patients were found dead and their souls being trapped inside. Hence whosoever visits either is found dead or ends up in unstable mental health.

In the movie, we see a group of 6 young adults who unite together for a live youtube video where they’ll explore this haunted place. They had a target of reaching 1 million on the video and everybody’s share of the commission was decided.

Without delaying further they reach the haunted asylum with all the ghostly equipment required. The lead sets up a camp nearby to Gonjiam hospital and places all the cameras to monitor the rest, he sends the rest of the guys and girls to the hospital.

Gonjiam The Haunted Asylum Ending Explained

Initially, they planted a few creepy experiences to get more viewers, but later the consequences resulted in real incidents and it started to scare the participants. There was a rumor about 402 to be most haunted, that whosoever enters the room either dies or loses his mental stability.

As the haunted events start to occur to each of the contestants, they one by one are lead to room 402. At last, we see a ghostly woman killing all of them as darkness consumes them all.

Gonjiam The Haunted Asylum Ending Explained

In the end, all of them are found dead but there lies a few questions left unanswered. At the last, we saw that where the live stream was happening had a sitting ghost as wallpaper and after all of them were dead, the ghost disappeared.

Also someplace seemed like a 7th person was shooting the whole video which initially didn’t make sense but now we have an answer.

The ghost was the director of Gonjiam Hospital who might have died in room no. 402. She is most powerful hence has trapped the patients, souls, too.

There is a possibility that when these bunch of kids set up their camp and equipment, the ghost might have hacked their systems hence when the viewers saw the wallpaper they believed all the incidents to be fake while in reality, everybody died and the evil spirit monitored everything that justifies the shoot from a 7th person’s side.

How did the Director die?

How did the Director die in Gonjiam The Haunted Asylum Ending Explained

This has two stories. The director was known to be evil as she used to do certain experiments on her patients that bring two possibilities. One, the director might have killed the patients and in return, the patients’ souls killed the director in room no 402, hence all of them were left trapped.

Two, the patient might have died due to wrong experiments by the director, feeling guilty of it she committed suicide in room 402. 


Well, it is said that there were 3 girls and 3 guys, and one survived who never spoke anything about it which might bring us to a sequel of the movie. What do you think? Overall, the movie is quite a spooky one and surely giving it a watch as now it’s also streaming on Netflix.

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