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Infinite movie Ending Explained 2021

Much awaited Sci-fi action movie “Infinite’ was finally released digitally Paramount+ on June 10, 2021, after numerous delays in release dates due to Covid-19.

Directed by Antoine Fuqua, the movie casts Mark Wahlberg, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sophie Cookson, Jason Mantzoukas, and Rupert Friend.

The ending of the movie raises a lot of possibilities for a lot of people which could be an interesting element to know. 

Infinite Movie Plot

The plot of Infinite revolves around Evan played by Mark Wahlberg, as he possesses skills he’s never trained and memories of places he wasn’t associated with. These visions haunt him in day-to-day life.

While he’s on the verge of a mental breakdown, Evan is hunted by a group of people who call themselves “The Infinites” and revealing that these visions could be of past life and might be real.

These Infinities bring him to an extravagant world where a bunch of gifted people is reborn with the skills and memories, Evan as a part of being infinite must dig in deep into finding answers to these visions.

Infinite Movie Ending Explained

Infinite movie Ending Explained 2021

While Evan is showing to dwell deep into his past lives based on his memories and visions, the ending of the Infinites brings Evans to a different dimension as Evan is now reborn as an Indonesian boy, with added pole fighting skills to his reservoir growing up on the streets of Indonesia. While he grows up, a new Evan must be in high school and Nora waits for her. 


Although she’s waiting, Nora would be way older than Evan as she was there since the reincarnation of Evans happened which also brings us to the possibility of seeing a sequel to infinities.

As the movie skips from theatres to getting a digital release, The Infinities is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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