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Netflix Awake Ending Explained 2021: Sleep Is Survival

The world is hit by a pandemic, yes, much relatable! But what makes the story of “Awake” different is the plot twist that allows people to survive. Awake is an American sci-fi film released on June 9, 2021. Lead by Gina Rodriguez, Ariana Greenblatt, and Lucius Hoyos the movie takes us through their lives as the world is hit by an apocalypse.

Netflix Awake 2021 Plot

The story starts with introducing the three leads, Jill Adams works as a security guard in a local college while also stealing drugs from the college lab to sell.

While driving back with her kids, their car loses power and is hit by another car, falling in the nearby lake. While Jill and Noah (her son) save themselves, Matilda (daughter) did get choked by water but is saved by the sheriff.

Netflix Awake Ending Explained

Later they find out that the whole neighborhood has become Insomniac, the patients in the hospitals are awake. At work, she meets Dr. Murphy, who further tells that there’s nothing like Coma or unconsciousness you live or you die.

But there’s something strange, Matilda can sleep while nobody else can. Matilda is now found in church where she’s the ray of hope that must be sacrificed to get their sleep back.

Jill or Noah doesn’t want that hence they flee to the woods, later rush to a nearby garage to find an older version of any car so that they can drive and run away.

Netflix awake 2021 movieflicks

Faced by hurdles as they need to save Matilda, they reach the Hub where she splits up with children. Disguised as a lab worker, she sneaks inside the hub where she finds an older woman being on test for a solution to the problem people are facing.

The old lady is being given medicines that do help the brain to function but also damage it. They are now after Matilda to find out what’s special in her that she’s able to sleep while nobody else can.

Awake Ending Explained

Although the doctors are after Matilda to know why she’s able to sleep, Jill and Noah don’t want her to suffer due to all this as she’s the one who lives aftermath.

Awake Ending Explained

In the end scene, we see soldiers getting crazy and killing each other, as lack of sleep damages the brain and creates hallucinations while Jill flees with her kids.

Noah is now hallucinating too, hence the cuts wires leading him to electrocute. But here’s the catch, Noah can sleep too. 

Finally, the kids find out that one must die temporarily to live later, Matilda met with an accident, Noah through electrocuting himself, they had met death closely, to save Jill, they must do something a similar pattern! Hence both the kids take Jill to a nearby lake, drown her to death and revive her and she’s now “Awake”


The theme of the movie is quite relatable to the situation around. It seems like a satellite had put some harmful substances in the air that lead to powercut and people getting insomniac.

This situation leads to brain damage, causing hallucinations, etc. With no concept of unconsciousness or Coma, you only live or die. With this concept, your brain should be in a good condition to revive death and to start a new life again. 

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