Netflix Katla Season 1 All Episodes Ending Explained

Netflix Katla is one of the least heard shows this year but, if you’re into mystery and science fiction, you must not miss it too! Katla season 1 revolves around a place called Iceland, known for volcano eruptions turns mysterious as the dead people revive back in form of volcano ashes!

Created by Baltasar Kormákur, being the first Icelandic series, Netflix Katla Season 1 was premiered on June 17, 2021. Ready to dive into a new rollercoaster ride in the place where Volcanic eruptions are normal and dead people get alive from the volcanic ashes.

Netflix Katla Plot

The key to a great mystery series is the hook that binds the audience till the end, while also put out details of the questions and doubts that pop up while we watch it. Kalta series is a good combination of all. Although once you start watching it, you might feel it a bit slow but wait till the end as it’s all going to be worth it. 

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Netflix Katla Season 1 Episodes Explained

Netflix Katla Season 1 Episodes Explained

EPISODE 1: From under the glacier

It’s been a year after the latest volcanic eruption happened. Situated North of Vik I Myrdal, it seems like the Volcano doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon as the sky is full of clouds of ashes. Survivors have seemingly a tough life that you can imagine. Grima is one of those survivors who leave the place and shift to Reykjavik.

While Darri and his team examine the samples they find from the ashes, an ash-covered woman walks in through the eruption towards Vik, calls her name Gunhild while mentioning Tok, Grima’s dad. When confirmed about her, she was alive, 15-20 older, Tok is in shock to see how the same person is alive at two different places!


Introduction to Asa as she happens to be Grima’s sister covered with ashes. Asa can’t recall anything about her past hence take to the hospital as she passes out.

As we proceed through the episode we find out that Gunhild was pregnant while in their 20s and the baby was Tor’s hence she took his name to the hospital, while all this happens, the older Gunhild is on her way to Vik. Asa cannot recollect her past, so she’s taken back home where she checks on her scrapbooks and other stuff.

Weird things continue to happen as it is now clear that after the 1311 explosion, a girl and a dog were found in ashes and they are not the real people. They called them Changelings. Grima and Asa head towards home after hitting roads while they see old Gunhild cursing herself.

EPISODE 3: The Mother

Starting with girls playing outside a house, their mother is shocked to see them. They are Asa and Gima’s younger parts! Meanwhile, Darri finds his son covered in ashes, Michael, and has been keeping him a secret.

While the two girls go for hot springs together and begin swimming but they see other bodies inside water which freaks them out! On the other hand, Gunhild meets her younger self where she gets a baby scan where she has a conversation with her younger self.

EPISODE 4: This is not Him

Things start getting confusing as people turn up from the ashes. Darri is confused about Michael as he behaves strangely. It turns out that Michael had died 3 years ago but he came back from the ashes. The question was, how did he come back now? While Rake, his wife seems to enjoy her son coming back, Darri is now doubtful.

Later, uncertain events happen that lead to the couple drowning their child, which also results in a better relationship between the two. On the other hand, the young Gunhild reaches out to Tor’s workshop, older Gunhild is present as she mentions that was the night they were together.

EPISODE 5: Northerly Winds

 Strange occurring need to be examined. Forensics join Gisli who’s researching about these particles and strange occurring. When Grima comes back home and sees Gunhild and Tor together, she immediately, although she knows that the body that she found was of Asa’s. Grima is determined to find out what’s really happening while folklore tales about Changelings start over again.

EPISODE 6: Grima

Grima finds her doppelganger home and cleans her ashes but doesn’t trust her whatever she has to say. We also see a doppelganger of Gisli’s wife cooking and perfectly fine! Knowing the fact Gisli’s wife was suffering from Cancer.

While Gisli’s in the shower, the clone reads a note that says “she is the devil, get her out”. On the other Grima catches wind of the crash confirming that the clone is not her.

EPISODE 7: The Rock

The story takes a turn as the changeling mysteries unfold, Grima meets Darri and talks about the clones. Darri believes it and starts to research, realizing everything is based on Katla.

He finally reveals what’s happening, there must have been a meteorite that hit years ago, with glaciers melting from the eruption which must be active and directly related to Volcanos. This rock has to do everything with the changelings. Grima catches up with her sister as she reveals that Asa is dead. Now Asa is having an existential crisis.

EPISODE 8: I am you

More bodies come up from the glacier as we come to end. Our character was just getting accustomed to the fact that there are more doppelgangers around the place, which was making it rough.

The old Gunhild packs her things to get back, Tor gets home while Grima narrates the whole Changeling story to her dad, Gisli’s wives outsmart Gisli as they drive off.

As the series proceeds towards the end, we see the Earth growling with fire, another volcano, which means more Changelings whatsoever, for season 2! 

Netflix Katla Ending

The trailer of Netflix Katla is captivating enough to make you watch the series even if it’s less spoken about. Although, I feel more people should watch this one. Initially, you might find the starting and plot moving really slow but the buildup was quite worth it as things start to unfold by episode 7, and the ending is mesmerizing as I wasn’t expecting this huge turn at the end. It’s surely one of those dark mystery series you must watch. Released on June 17, 2021, you can now watch it on Netflix.

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