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Recalled Ending Explained 2021: Why was Kim Soo Jin Hallucinating?

Seo Yoo-min is back with yet another masterpiece, “Recalled” that premiered on April 21, 2021. The story revolves around Soo-jin who loses her memory in an accident, later gets visuals of her past that she feels is her present. Ranked no. 1 at Korean Box Office in the opening weekend, “Recalled” is going to give the utmost mystery and chills that you need.

Why was Kim Soo Jin Hallucinating?

The main question that arises is was Kim Soo hallucinating or the visions she saw were real? Well, Kim met a fatal accident that resulted in a major memory loss. Her doctor diagnosed that she might experience certain delusions that she might find futuristic but those visions will be of her past coming back as delusions.

Who was Kim Sun Woo, her husband or her brother?

Recalled Ending Explained Why was Kim Soo Jin Hallucinating

After Kim Soo’s accident, Sun Woo pretended to be her husband and took care of her while in reality, he was her adopted elder brother. There was an instance where two pictures were shown, her marriage photo with two different men to assert that.

Kim Soo’s real husband was an abusive businessman and a gambler who had numerous debts on him, hence while attempting to kill his wife, Kim Soo, he died himself leaving her brutally bruised and losing her memory. Hence, her elder brother Sun Woo saved her life and pretended to be her husband.

Recalled Ending Explained

All her life, her brother had been saving her. She gets a variety of visions as pieces of her past. The first vision she gets was when she was a little girl in the middle of a road about to hit a car, but a young boy saves her who introduces her as Sun Woo.

Recalled Ending Explained

Next, she gets visions where her abusive father was killed by Sung Woo who wanted her to work in a bar. He packed the body after killed their dad, in a suitcase that was later Namyangju Police with the same suitcase. Later with her husband who was an abusive gambler, wanted to kill Kim Soo as she had a huge insurance amount to her name, so killing her would help him be debt-free and pick up his business.

Recalled Ending Explained Why was Kim Soo Jin

But in the ultimate time, she rammed his head with an iron rod. Yet again, her brother helps her cements the body and Soo Jin jumps off the roof. In the climax, it is seen that her husband is not dead and is back to attempt Kim but saved by her brother. This time, her brother Soo Jin dies.


The performances have been badass. Soo-jin played by Seo Yea-Ji was enormously perfect in her performance as she takes us through this roller coaster ride of confusion, suspense, and mystery. The movie was captivating enough from the first second of its start to the end, it gets better as the story unfolds leaving everybody to wonder what happened next. The more secrets open, the more you’ll be doubtful about things.

It is a perfect Korean mystery thriller drama that takes you from level 0 to 100 step by step while you would enjoy every part of it. The good news is you can watch “Recalled” on Viki & Amazon Prime.

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