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Netflix Space Sweepers Movie Ending Explained, How did the crew defeat Sullivan

How would the world look like in 2092? Curious to know? Directed by Jo Sung-hee, Netflix Space Sweepers movie is denoted as the first Korean space blockbuster movie. It revolves around a world where life is becoming inevitable, ashes fill up the sky, the soil is acidic, the environment is destroyed, and so is humanity. Based in 2092, UTS Corporation builds a new home where humanity is mimicked, and a few of the UTS citizens are allowed to settle in the orbitary planet. Some of the non-citizens work as Space sweepers collecting space debris floating in Earth’s orbit and sell them for survival.

Netflix Space Sweepers Movie Plot

In 2092, Life on Earth is coming to an end. As a solution, UTS Corporation builds a parallel orbitary planet to vacate humans from the earth and replicate human existence there. A few of the non-citizens work as “Space Sweepers” who collect space debris floating in the Earth’s orbit and sell them for survival. The storyline consists of these Space Sweepers as leads and their ship, Victory. 

The victory spaceship consists of Kim Tae-ho, Tiger Park, and Bubs, lead by Captain Jang. On their way to their daily routine, they find a car floating in the orbit, they find a little girl inside it. They later find out that the young girl is a robot named Dorothy and she has a weapon of mass destruction created by a terrorist group called “Black Fox”.

Two of them start talking to her and find out that Dorothy’s eyes change color, Tiger becomes friendly with her and suggests keeping her. While the UTS is after the mini robot, the Victory crew gets really friendly to get Dorothy to unite with her father, the UTS soldiers kill the troop of Black Fox terrorists and they attack the Space Sweepers too.

Netflix Space Sweepers Movie Ending Explained

Space Sweepers are on a journey to save Earth while humanity is on its way to destruction. Netflix Space Sweepers’ ending scene took us to the battleground to save the earth and the little girl. One of the biggest threats to Dorothy was Sullivan (head of UTS corporation) as she had unique biology that he wanted to use for his evil plans. Dorothy’s real name was Kot-nim, even if they succeeded to get her, the crew managed to get her back.

How did the crew defeated Sullivan and saved Earth?

Netflix Space Sweepers Ending Explained

We see a major final battle to get the girl back from UTS head Sullivan, the crew was successful in bringing Kot-nim to Victory, but with the overwhelming attacks the crew had to go through, they decided to save Kot-nim and not themselves. They secretly handed off Kot-nim to their friend Pierre who took her to his ship.

The Space Sweepers decide to place a factory bomb in Victory that would lead to an explosion, while the little girl is safe and can be used to save Earth and the explosion is blamed on Sullivan.


Netflix Space Sweepers is a power-packed South Korean Sci-fi drama, detailed production, extensively designed costumes, everything in the movie is quite futuristic, convincing enough for the timeline being portrayed.

The concept seems fresh and perfect for sci-fi Korean fans. A must-watch if you like fun movies with lovable characters and incredible action. Released on Feb 5, 2021, Space Sweepers is now streaming on Netflix.

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