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Tenet Ending Explained | Time Inversion & Time Travel in Detail

Time Inversion-based movie Tenet has hit the Amazon Prime Video. Undoubtedly we’re again amazed by how Christopher Nolan can put this concept into the screen with such ease.

But having that said, let’s also admire that a lot of Time Travel questions were left unanswered for us to figure out which I’m sure most of you might feel a bit stuck at.

No worries I am going to break down the whole Tenet Plot with its ending explained while I’ll be journaling the concepts told about in the movie so stay tuned till the end to find your answers. In case you still don’t believe it just remember- “Don’t try to understand it, just feel it” 

What is Tenet?

Tenet in the movie is termed as an organization that works to protect the world from mysterious future prospects that aim to destroy the past using the concept of Time Inversion.

If you see thoroughly you’ll notice the alphabetical order in the word TENET is actually ten in a straight and inverted manner, starts the same, and ends the same.

Similarly, the reference of the movie is taken from Sator Square which is a Latin palindrome of 5 words that has the same sequence of letters if you read it anyway.

What is Sator Square in the Movie?

Sator square refers to SATOR, the villain; AREPD is the fake painting Kat sold to Sator; TENET is the name of the organization; OPERA where it all started and ended too and ROTAS has named Sator’s company that has to do everything Tenet wants to save the world from.

How does Tenet Movie start?

Scene 1 of the Tenet movie starts with the Protagonist who’s a CIA agent in an organization called Tenet. He reaches an Opera Hall in search of Plutonium 214 where the bad guys from Russia plant bombs in different corners to blast that place. They are also in search of Plutonium 214.

How does Tenet Movie start Opera Scene

The attack starts following various rounds of bullet shots and fights where a mysterious man saves the Protagonist. As soon as he finds Plutonium 214 the Russians kidnap the protagonist and ask him to reveal it. The protagonist being loyal to his job eats a suicide pill and dies.

He wakes up and finds out the suicide pills were fake and his boss was pleased by his loyalty and rewards him. But now there were two things that the Protagonist had to figure out. The inverted weapon the mystery man had and to meet Sator.

What were The Protagonist’s missions?

Mission 1 (The Inverted Weapon)

The protagonist found out that anonymous people from the future are suppling these inverted bullets to destroy the present. He finds out about Sanjay Singh(Mumbai) who could be the dealer of these guns/bullets but later he finds out it was his wife Priya (Dimple Kapadia). She said that they were normal bullets that Sator converted into inverted bullets.

Mission 2 (Meet Sator)

The Protagonist met Sir Michael who revealed about Kat, Sator’s wife who’s stuck with Sator as she’s sold a fake painting. The catch was, Michael has another of the same painting that could be a route to get in touch with Kat. The plan worked. As Kat was involved with the protagonist, she asked to steal that painting from Freeport where Neil comes to play and he helps him. Who is Neil but? Will tell you!

Who is Sator?

tenet Sator Square

Of course, he’s the villain! Let’s dive into his history to know what he had to do with all this. Sator worked from the Soviet Nuclear facility where the future contacted him for the first time by sending him a note with 4 gold bars. He is already suffering from Cancer, so his ultimate plan was the moment he’s about to die, he will activate the algorithm and destroy the world. 

What is the Algorithm?

Let’s learn a brief about the Algorithm in the movie. Like any other sci-fi movie, a future scientist has created a formula by which you can invert the objects and hence allowing physical weapons to move back to the past to destroy them. The future seems to do this as the climatic changes have deteriorated due to the things done in their past, that can be now changed/ inversed with this weapon.

The algorithm has 9 parts, 8 of them Sator had already found and kept its reserve, the battle is due to its last part, Plutonium 214 due to which the attack at Opera happens. It also talks about the Pincer movement where one task happens in two ways, one that’s real and the other in its inverted format, and both happen at the same time.

Tenet Ending Explained

At last, we encounter a battlefield that has the Protagonist, Neil and Evans on one side and Russians on the other, both in the hunt for the last portion of the algorithm, Plutonium 214.

While Sator was already prepared for as he’s a witty man to deal with he already had woven a loop for the Protagonist that might lead to his death. But Neil manages to save him and the attack scene returns to the Opera hall, from where everything started.

Who is Neil?

Neil has been a spooky character in the whole movie, while he said weird things that really could be made sense but here’s what we’ve decided. At the last stage in the Algorithm room, the protagonist and Ives get locked in a room.

They find a dead body with a red string on his backpack. When the Russians try to attack the Protagonist, the same man saves him, takes back the bullet, and unlocks in which if you think in an inverted manner, that’s what happened in the Opera hall stating the MYSTERY MAN was Niel.

Also, Niel could be Kat’s son who was later hired by the Protagonist, hence later came to save him.. in inverted order. Well, that’s a fan theory but an interesting one that we love!


Tenet was built by the Protagonist who later hired Kat’s son Neil who came into play when the protagonist needed him the most. In the last scene, we see Priya in a car who plans to murder Kat, apparently, the Protagonist already got her a cell phone and mentioned calling him whenever she’s not safe.

So when she called him, we see the protagonist is already sitting inside the car, hence sabotaging the murder event. He says “Mission Accomplished” as Kat survives.

Ahh! That was something that took my mind off! This Christopher Nolan movie is extraordinarily amazing and hands-up for the special effects I am already blown off! The cast and characters are so well presented in the scenes but what I loved the most was Robert Pattinson’s outfits that are so easy to recreate.

Rated 7.5 in sky-thriller film, Tenet is now available on Amazon Prime. Not watched it yet? Well, what are you waiting for?

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