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Netflix The 8th Night Ending Explained

The 8th Night is a South Korean supernatural horror film directed by Kim Tae-Hyoung. Lead by Lee Sung-min, Park Hae-Joon, Kim Yoo-Jung, and Nam Da-reum, the movie revolves around an exorcist’s journey to stop an old demonic creature that’s rising on its full power where the black eye and red eye that was sealed ages ago.

Inspired by Buddhist philosophy, there’s a story that revealed that millions of years ago, a demon roamed freely on earth threatening humanity.

To safeguard the people from the trauma, Buddha vanquished this demon removing each of his eyes, separating black and red eyes into two different separate caskets. When these eyes unite again, the demon will be unleashed again.

The 8th Night Plot

A few centuries after the Demonic eyes were locked in different caskets, a disgraced professor Kim Joon-Cheol unlocks one of the eyes to prove the Buddhist mythology around the demon.

While a young monk Ha-Jung (Lee Eol) finds out that the Redeye is revealed, he’s the one who takes care of the Blackeye. The Redeye must unite with the Blackeye, and for that, he must host other humans until it reaches the final one, who will be a virgin shaman.

To break this chain, the Monk (Cheong-Seok )must kill the Chaman to kill the demon. At the same time, a detective unknowingly follows the traits of human destructions caused by the Redeye while he’s confronted with the Monk who’s here to cage the devil’s eyes.

The 8th Night Ending Explained

Initially, the monk, Cheong-Seok, met a young girl named Ae-ran (Kim Yoo-Jung), who he believed was the virgin Chaman who’d be the last one before the demon eyes finally unite. Later, it is revealed that his guess was the wrong one and she was far away from being the virgin Chaman.

Who is Ae-ran?

While Ho-Tae the detective tracks the real Chaman, it is revealed that the demonic professor sacrificed Ae-ran as she was adopted by him while she was a kid. Ae-ran is actually a ghost when the monk saw her, the demon has been guiding her to find the other eye for the reunion that will help fulfill the prophecy.

What were the final revelations?

The real virgin Chaman makes a few shocking revelations about the professor. When one of those demonic eyes set itself free, there were human hosts who resulted in being possessed and killed as a part of a sacrifice to lead the demon to unite with the other eye.

These people were a part of Buddhist Meditation which extracted the blood of people as a roadmap of human hosts to reach their final destination.

The second revelation involved that before the detective met him, Dong-jin met the shaman to get a protective talisman made, after which he realized he was marked for sacrifice.

With the climactic scenes approaching nearby, we see that the characters who were made to sacrifice were present in the moment by coincidence and were possessed by the demon.

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