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The Bridge Curse Ending Explained: What was the deal with Devil?

What happened at the end of the Bridge Curse? A story of a group of 5 students who dare to take up the courage challenge on a haunted bridge but the craziest idea that the storyline is inspired by a real story is what is even more interesting!

Before we dive straight into The Bridge Curse Ending Explained bit, let’s be aware of the basic details of the movie. Released on 27 August 2020, The Bridge Curse is a Taiwanese horror thrilled packed drama that revolves around a true story of a haunted bridge.

Cast with Ning Chang, Cheng Ko, J.C. Lin, Summer Meng, Vera Yen, and Wan-Ru Zhan as lead the movie is directed by Lester Hsi.

The Bridge Curse Ending Explained: What Happened At The End Of The Horror-thriller?

The Bridge Cursed switches between two timezones, 2016 and 2020 although the original storyline comes back from the 1990s. Back in the 90s, the university where a young girl used to wait for her lover/boyfriend in the nearby bridge.

It is said that she kept waiting for years but the guy didn’t come back. She was then kidnapped by a few men nearby the lake was molested, beaten to death, and thrown in the lake.

Hence the bridge was cursed by the dead girl. At midnight, the 13 stepped bridge adds on another stair apparently and anybody who climbs the fourteenth step is killed by the cursed girl.

The Bridge Curse Ending Explained

The story picks up from 2016 where a group of 6 students takes up the Dare Challenge the haunted bridge is known for. The Urban of the Cursed girl is popular already. While these youngsters take up the challenge, one of them disappears climbing the 14th step. The students are killed to death as well except one. 

The timeline shifts 4 years later when a journalist is all set to re-examine the death of 5 students that happened in 2016. She finds out that a similar instance happened in 2012 as well.

When she finds out that there 6 students out of which only 5 were mentioned in the paper, she sets to find the sixth one. Unfortunately, the six guys were the one who was hired as a photographer with her.

What was the deal with Devil in The Bridge Curse?

The Cursed Girl (now a ghost) made a deal with one of the students back in 2012 and lies a loop with him/her. In return, she expects a group of students to kill every leap year from that student. So out of 6 students, 5 of them get killed and one remains is the one who made the deal with the devil.

She survives and brings a set of 5 students in 2016 where she dies and a guy named Ceon makes the same deal with the devil. This time it’s the journalist and another set of students who are used as bait. When the journalist finds out that it is not safe to perform that ritual that day, she calls the photographer to stop the sequence. 

Unfortunately, the photographer this time is non-other than Ceon and he had to sacrifice the students in order to complete the ritual. In the end, as he failed his task of getting people, he makes a deal with the journalist to bring more people the next leap year and the story ends.

The Bridge Curse Movie Review

While the concept sounds interesting with the urban legend going on, the movie might not give you nightmares but the jumpscares are pretty scary. The horror elements are overrated, so is the acting and somehow the movie becomes predictable in the end.

The Bridge Curse movie quite resembles a South-Korean anthology, Goedam, the movie is still one time watch and you won’t really regret it. While this was The Bridge Curse Ending explanation, if you feel to watch it, you can now watch The Bridge Curse which is streaming on Netflix.

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