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The Call Ending Explained 2020 | What happened to Young-Sook

The Call is a South Korean Mystery-thriller movie that was released on Netflix on November 27, 2020. Directed by Lee Chung-Hyun starring Park Shin-Hye and Jeon Jong-Seo as leads. The movie is set in two different time zones, 1999 and 2019 where these two girls connect by a cordless phone that helps them to change their fate. But was that attempt even worth it? At the end of the blog, we’ll also discuss a few possibilities that might have left you stunned!

The Call narrates a story of two women of different time zones, Seo-Yeon (Park Shin-Hye) in 2019 and Young-sook (Jong-Seo Jun) in 1999. It’s when Seo-Yeon comes to visit her country place after a long time to meet her mother who’s suffering from a Brain tumor, her father is dead.

While she’s at her old home she gets a call that’s apparently from Young-Sook who tells her that her mother wants to kill her of exorcism. 

The two decide to unite to change their fate where Young-Sook helps to save Seo’s father and in return, Seo tells her that she might be killed by her mom which leads to Young-Sook killing her stepmother(her real mom was dead).

Soon after with every decision taken in the past results in the future outcome and hence we see Young Sook and Seo-Yeon leading a parallel life at the same home. Sook now has tasted blood after killing her stepmother and every moment of aggression makes her murder multiple times and soon she becomes a serial killer.

She kills Seo-Yeon’s father, mother, a policeman who came to investigate her stepmother’s case, and the farmer who brought strawberries to their home.

Soon it was revealed that Young-Sook’s stepmother already sensed her becoming this and wanted to kill her but since now the fate was changed due to the new-made friends Seo-Yeon had to pay the price. But why did Seo land up in the basement in the end? Let’s find that out.


Initially, we saw Yeon getting a call from the past that lead to new journeys. Had she not received the call or bonded with her, Young-Sook would have been killed by her stepmother who sensed that she might turn out to be a serial killer. So now each call that happens lands into a new timeline.

TIMELINE 1: Young-Sook saves Yeon’s Father

When the two girls got two know each other, Sook gave her an idea of saving her father, as whatever happens in the past, the future changes. Also, it was their first attempt to check whether it was possible or not.

TIMELINE 2: Killed the Stepmother

Seo-Yeon was never happier than before. She got back to her family, she seemed much happier and with that, we also witnessed the interiors and the backgrounds change which was finally confirmed that the past can be changed.

In return for the favor, Seo alerted Young-sook that her stepmother might kill her as she saw the news update old same day, 1999. Sook didn’t mention that she killed her mother to Seo-Yeon.

TIMELINE 3: The Farmer Sung-Ho is killed

It was wrong timing that when Young-Sook killed her mother, the farmer visited their house to give strawberries to her stepmother. To save herself from getting caught, Young-Sook killed the farmer too. By now, we knew Sook is now turning into a serial killer.

TIMELINE 4: Young-Sook killed Yeon’s father

By now Seo-Yeon also figured out that from a newspaper that Sook was a serial killer who’s been punished for life imprisonment. While Young-Sook asks the reason how she would be caught, Seo-Yeon refused to help her further.

In return when Yeon and her father visited Sook’s place to buy the property back in 1999, Young Sook killed her father saying it was all her fault. In the present, Seo was driving with her dad when her dad and the car suddenly vanished. Seo-Yeon knew why.

TIMELINE 5: Misguided location for the murder weapon

Seo now decides to bluff Sook. She called her to reach a deserted place that was supposed to explode but her luck, she was saved. Young-Sook is pissed off since young Seo is at her place she tries to burn her by putting boiling water on her, the scars could be seen on the present Seo-Yeon too and she was crying with pain.

TIMELINE 6: Right location for the murder weapon

Without having any other option she reveals the murder weapon. With its help, Sook killed the junk collector and removes every possible clue of any of the murders. Seo-Yeon finds herself in the middle of refrigerators,

Sook has kept the dead bodies and she’s devastated. Sook attempts to kill her mother but in return, both of them fall off the balcony and it seems as if Sook is dead.

Before the next incidents happen there happened two things that will be revealed later. Yeon talks to her mother and asks to save her life and Young-Sook talks to her younger self about her getting arrested.

SITUATION 1: When Yeon talks to her mother about saving her life, they both same to in the same position, chased by Young-Sook. In this case, we see her mother has escaped Sook and maybe that she’s dead after falling from the balcony. We see Yeon and her mother walking towards her father’s graveyard (the timeline on the graveyard is changed) but later her mother vanishes.

SITUATION 2: When Young Sook is alive as she talks to her younger self and hence she escapes. What’s depicted in the end scene is that Seo’s mother vanishes and herself trapped in the basement which means that Young-Sook has now killed her mother and she’s trapped.

The Call Movie Conclusion

The call is undoubtedly an interesting movie to watch. Rated with a 7.2 IMDB rating, South Korean movies are emerging as the best in their mystery, horror genres.

If any of you have doubts Why the calls were only possible from the past, one of the answers I could think of that it could be a metaphorical representation of what happens in the past can’t be changed, the only thing left is the aftermath of your deeds done.

In case you wonder why Young-Sook called from 1999 to 2019 as she was dead by then, well, that’s the horror element! The movie is streaming on Netflix, I’m sure you wanna experience it!

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