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The Djinn is a story of a boy named Dylan, his guilt about not saving his mother, and a new home that is not only unfamiliar but has weird books of Witchcraft that lands into trouble! Lead by Ezra Dewey, Rob Brownstein, Tevy Poe, and John Erickson, the movie was released on May 14, 2021, in a few theatres and through video on demand and has received public reviews.

The Djinn Plot Brief

The movie “The Djinn” starts with Dylan getting dreams about his mother in a kitchen, as his mother cries in front of a lit candle, soon the candle blows off. Set in 1989, Dylan is a mute and asthmatic young boy, who then shifts with his father (Michael) in a new home where he finds “a Book of Shadows”. His father Michael works as a radio jockey at works the night shift.

the djinn movie

He had a good relationship with his parents, and while he lost his mother as she committed suicide, Dylan and Michael share a good father-son bond. Eventually, we come to know that Dylan lost his voice while going through treatment for Asthma.

Moving forward, we also get to know the dark past of the owner of the house that they shifted, as he committed suicide in the same home. 

What was there in “The Book of Shadows”?

What was there in the Book of Shadows

The Book of Shadows consisted of religious texts and manuscripts. As he read more about the rituals, he took an opportunity to summon a djinn to fulfill his wish. He uses sign language to communicate with Djinn and wishes to get his voice back.

Next, we see a smoky monster appearing at Dylan’s place, while the Djinn clones different people to scare Dylan.

Freaked out little boy reads further about the wish-fulfillment which says the djinn would come to test the summoners capabilities until then the candle with which the wish was made must be kept lightened and he can only light of the candle as the mid-night ends.

Ending Explained

The night had been one hell of a ride for Dylan as the smoky monster “The Djinn” seemed quiet after his life.

the djinn ending Explained

In the end, we see him taking Dylan’s mother’s face as he tries to make Dylan emotional so that he doesn’t light the candle, but the little boy was brave enough to do that.

The next morning, when Dylan’s father Michael returns from work, Dylan sees the same shadow taking over his father, hurting him to the core as he loses his voice and Dylan receives it.

While his wish is now fulfilled, he had to pay for it through his father’s lost voice.


Surely the movie is quite simple, light horror-based where you get to see a young boy getting into trouble as he wishes to get his voice back.

The audience has loved their performances, although the characters could have been explored more, we could have known a bit more about the Djinn and his powers, there are a few unanswered questions about the cult too. Rating 4.7 by IMDb, you can watch “The Djinn” streaming in “Prime Video

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