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The Grudge Ending Explained Psychological Horror Movie

The Grudge is an American adaptation of a Japanese Psychological Horror film Ju-on, written and directed by Nicolas Pesce. Lead by Andrea Riseborough, Demián Bichir, John Cho, Betty Gilpin, Lin Shaye, and Jacki Weaver, the story revolves around mysterious murders and strange events that start from a cursed house.

Although the film is criticized for lack of scares and that the direction could have been better, here is a short glimpse of how the latest version of The Grudge, and it’s for you to decide whether to watch it.

The Grudge Plot

Back in 2004, Fiona Landers talks about leaving the house where she was residing due to disturbing events that occurred quite often. While she talks on the phone about it, Kayako’s ghost who’s been haunting Fiona inside the house scares her and now Fiona is possessed. 

Fiona now shifts to 44 Reyburn Drive, Pennsylvania, where she kills her husband and daughter. Detectives Goodman and Wilson investigate the Landers case but it remains unsolved.

Later, Wilson starts to get insane hence is now present at a mental hospital. Wilson on the other hand is left with a disfigured face. After Lander’s case, there occur many more mysterious deaths that remain unsolved, and the files kept piling up.

Cut to 2005 where the Matheson family shifts into the house where the lady murders her husband and cuts her fingers under the possession of Kayako. Since the lady Faith Matheson was mentally ill, a consultant Lorna Moody who also enters the house becomes part of the curse she finds out that the lady killed her husband under the possession of a ghost, leading her to death due to a car crash.

Presently, Muldoon is a detective who’s set to find out the mystery behind these suspicious events who becomes a part of the curse too.

The Grudge Ending Explained 

Detective Muldoon along with Goodman sets to close the case by finding out the story behind these murders. While she checks on the haunted house, she finds Matheson’s corpse and calls the police to get the lady in custody.

When she questions Goodman about the curse, he replied since his mother believed in supernatural stories, he never entered the cursed house, hence he’s untouched by the evil. Sadly, Muldoon does enter the house as a part of the investigation so it was quite clear that she’s the next.

When Muldoon meets Wilson at the asylum, he says that everybody who enters the house becomes a part of the curse, hence must-see horrifying events soon. Fearful that her son might be affected by the curse too, she decides she’s going to break this curse forever saving her child and herself.

Researching about the Japanese curse that been brought to America with Fiona. While she starts to get visions of murdered events, Muldoon burns the house thinking that curse must now be over.

In the end, Muldoon hugs her son while leaving him for school, only when he saw another Burne moving out, the one she hugs was Melinda, the ghost, hence Muldoon is possessed and the curse remains never-ending! 

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