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The Platform Ending Explained, What was the message?

The Platform is one of the most talked-about movies on Netflix lately. The reason is its ending that kept us stunned and confused at the same time. Directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, The Platform movie is a social science fiction-horror movie that would give you chills till the end. So, what’s with the ending of the Platform movie that has left us baffled? Let’s find that out.

What is the Platform?

The Platform as the name states revolves around a “Halt”, a vertical building with 333 floors. They have prisoners of different backgrounds, each floor having 2 people, ie 666 guests altogether.

Level 0 is the topmost floor where the chefs cook delicacies for 666 guests and the food is served on the platform that travels through all the floor to feed the imprisoned guests. There are rules, one of them being that nobody can keep food in their room, they have to eat whatever they on the time and pass the rest to the bottom floors.

The Platform movie revolves around Goreng(the lead), Trimagasy(his roommate), Miharu, Baharat who’ll eventually fight for the conditions inside the halt. All the prisoners are allowed to bring the belongings, while Goreng brings a book, Don Quixote, Trimagasy brings a knife, he’s a murder who’s serving a year-long sentence of manslaughter.

Miharu is in search of her daughter, but it’s said below 16-year-olds are not allowed in the Halt. The world is full of cruelty and greed. This concept is metaphorically represented as the prisoners inside are greedy too. They don’t care if the other person gets to eat or not, they make sure that’s their greed for food is fulfilled.

This is the reason why after the 100th floor or even before that the platform has no food left making the prisoners under those floors starve to death. Moreover, the prisoners are randomly shuffled to different floors every month but are they fortunate enough to serve themselves with food is their luck and what the top floor people have left for them.

The Platform Ending Explained

It’s the next month when Goreng is now shifted at level 6 with Baharat. Just like how negativity balances positivity, good balances the bad, Goreng and Baharat are the two well wishes against the cruel and greedy prisoners out there.

the platform Ending Explained
the platform Ending Explained

They decide that something should be done to save the lives of the people who’re starving to death, hence they make a plan that nobody should touch the food until level 50 and will only eat how much they need so that they can finally reach the bottommost floor. While they succeed to reach the bottom they realize that most of them are dead already of starvation.

But there’s a catch. We meet Miharu in search of her daughter, in the journey Miharu dies but Godeng and Bharat find the girl at the end of the building. The girl was not supposed to be there as nobody under 16 was allowed. She was the message that change was about to come, as a metaphor for changing the world thereafter.

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The girl came out as a ray of hope that there’s going to be a better system, a better world. As Baharat dies of his injuries, he says Godeng in his dream that this girl was the message of change that they wished had happened. The director has given the audience to imagine the aftermath of the movie. 


The presence of a kid in the place where they were allowed is a representation that there’s always a will to change the existing pat and miseries and it’s on us on how we’re going to change the societal greed and dilemmas.

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