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The Unholy is a story about a hearing-impaired and mute girl Alice, who is visited by Satan disguised as Virgin Mary, and the events that follow the aftermath. There’s a blurry area between superstition and belief.

The movie is quite a run of experience with some predictable twists and turns, but surely a few jumpscares you would love! Lead by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Katie Aselton, William Sadler, Diogo Morgado, the Unholy was premiered in the United States on April 2, 2021.

The Unholy Origins

The origin of the story takes us back to 1895 where we see a girl is being watched by a few guys who later put a mask on her face and nail it into a place with a mallet, we could hear the flesh squelching.

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Next, we hear flames begin to crackle as she’s lifted into the air by a noose. The priest asks to contain her soul into a dol. There we see the aftermath smoldering blackened body hanging lifeless from a tree.

The Unholy opening scene 1895 preist and doll

The Unholy Plot

The story revolves around Jerry, a drunken washed journalist to that man of faith who believes in doing the right thing even if it’s complicated. Jerry is down on his luck due to his abusive behavior at work who used to be a successful journalist is now working for petty gigs, gets a call to cover a story of cow mutilation but fails to do that.

The Unholy jerry

In desperation for a story that would get back his career, he digs deep into a village where he finds a ken doll that farmers used for good luck. Weirdly, this one was different as it has chains all over and writes 31st Feb 1845! While driving back, he sees a young girl in front of his car, follows her to the same tree the girl was hanged where she enchants spells.

Strangely, when the girl, Alice is taken to a father, she was mute and dumb, nothing that Jerry witnessed. Alice mentions that Virgin Mary has her blessings on her and that miracles are possible. Little did she know that she was blessed by Satan in disguise for the Virgin Mary and unrealistic events follow.

Ending Explained

The Unholy Ending Explained

Surely, the ending of The Unholy could be a bit confusing for the audiences that I’m gonna break down. The story runs through the concept of “Where god goes, the unholy follows”.

The last shot seems very illusionistic as Satan was brought back amongst the living as Alice was revived. The statue of the Virgin Mary’s bloody tears marks the arrival of a demonic existence people couldn’t see.

It also refers to the story of Irish witch Mary Elnor which is not over yet.

Even if the conclusion was not as clear as it should be, the storyline follows Good vs Bad with quite predictable plot twists, even if the performances were convincing enough, the script could have been better. The Unholy is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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