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The White Tiger Ending Explained 2021

The White Tiger streaming on Netflix had a fierce ending that is based on the classist mindset of Indian society. The movie as whole showcases the life of Balram Ashok’s struggle for survival and how he broke the glass ceiling of poverty and turned himself into an Entrepreneur. 

Released on 13th Jan 2021, here’s an insight about The White Tiger’s ending that casts Adarsh Gourav, Rajkumar Rao, and Priyanka Chopra Jonas as leads, directed by Ramin Bahrani which is based on a book with the same name written by Aravind Adiga now streaming on Netflix.

Did you remember the vibe the award-winning movie “The Slumdog Millionaire” gave that was released in 2008? The poorest class struggles, poverty, hardships, emotional trauma is something you’ll relate to “The White Tiger” movie with. Now again let’s take a moment to recollect the concept of Parasite, a brutal satire about the differences of caste, the wealth disparity where the rich is spoilt with choices and the poor has no options further. 

The White Tiger movie is a mixture of minute bits of the two, the wealth disparity, willingness to get financial freedom, differences of caste and mindset, and how Balram finally reaches a point where he’s financially fulfilled is what we see in The White Tiger movie.

The White Tiger Ending Explained

Balram is born in the village of Laxmangarh, was a bright student but was forced to quit studies and work at a tea shop to support his family. His father died of tuberculosis and he hated his grandma for being the absolute greedy person who didn’t let her son live. 

It’s only when he witnesses Ashok, son of their Zamindar and after taking driving lessons, he’s finally appointed as Ashok’s driver, he earns more than he wished and his master was his only god. He did his best to serve Ashok and Pinky until one day when Pinky hit and runs into a car crash that kills a roadside girl and Ashok’s father makes Balram a confession that he was solely responsible for the accident or murder rather say.

Why Balram Killed Ashok in The White Tiger?

The story took a dark turn after Balram was forced to confess the murder. After trying his best to be his master’s man he knew he was treated like a dog and that one day he’ll be replaced which was turning out to be true. The whole servant trying to please his master and his master trying to please the government and in what ways set a trap of Ashok’s murder. That’s the reason Why Balram Killed Ashok as it was a ladder to his financial freedom.

Why Balram Killed Ashok in The White Tiger?

When Balram sensed that he’s going to be replaced soon he decided to break the ceiling of poverty. His entrepreneurial mind knew that Banglaore was his next destination and Outsourcing is the future of successful businesses. The only thing that came in the way was the lack of wealth that was involved to achieve what he dreamt. Hence, he planned to kill Ashok.

Just like any other day, Ashok was heading towards the newly elected minister with almost 4 million of cash as a payment, Balram finds a perfect opportunity to stab him and run with a bag full of cash and he did that. Knowing the consequences that once the Zamindar gets to know about it his family might be killed but breaking his poverty was his utmost priority. Later, Balram built a Taxi empire providing cab services in Bangalore.


The White Tiger sets the motif of the story at a very initial level. It runs through the concept of a White Tiger that’s born only once a generation, it’s legendary and rare. Taking inspiration from this concept, the story revolves around how Balram ended his poverty life by building his own startup that he’ll never see what financial disparity looks like. With Balram’s narrative, it’s even more convincing and worth giving a watch.

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