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Netflix The Woman in the Window 2021 Movie Ending Explained

The Woman in the Window is one hell of a Psychological thriller you must check out. Directed by Joe Wright, the film casts Amy Adams as the lead who suffers from agoraphobia and witnesses a murder in her neighboring house. Woman in the window movie Was set to release in Oct. 2019. Initially, it was delayed due to pre-edits and later was delayed due to the pandemic, finally releasing on May 14.2021, streaming on Netflix.

The Woman in the window movie Plot

The Woman in the window movie starts with a Child psychologist, Anna Fox, who lives alone, who’s suffering from agoraphobia. She is under medication and also consumes alcohol quite often. There’s a new neighbor at her apartment when she sees one of them getting stabbed to death. She tries to contact the police, but in vain.

She contacts the detectives, who are accompanied by Edward and Olivia, but we later get to see that both of them are dead due to an accident caused by Anna and now she’s getting hallucinations and is agoraphobic. 

While attempting to commit suicide, she saw a picture she took of her cat and in the reflection of a wine glass, she saw the original Jane that proves she’s real. She meets her tenant, David, who lives in the basement but is killed by Ethan, proving that something is going on in their house nobody must know.

The Woman in the window movie Ending Explained

When Ethan kills David in front of Anna, he reveals that he killed Katie, his birth mother and is a budding serial killer and now intends to kill Anna. While saving her life, she runs towards the terrace and pushes Ethan from the floor in a defensive towards as Ethan wanted to kill her.

Anna wakes up in the hospital while the other family members of Ethan are being arrested, the detective mentions. He also adds that he saw her suicide video and suggests she should delete it before the police ask for evidence.

Who killed Jane Russell aka Katie?

When David and Anna have a conversation where she reveals that Ethan has killed Katie. There were a lot of secrets revealed. David, who has a one-night stand with Katie, reveals that Katie is Ethan’s birthmother. Later, Ethan confesses that since she didn’t take care of her family, he killed her. Also, he’s been enjoying people’s deaths and is a budding serial killer who reveals all the answers that are required at the end of The Woman in the window movie.

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