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List of 15 Best German TV Series On Netflix

Good entertainment never fails to find its audience irrespective of language differences too. Not only it adds variety to the content you consume, but also helps you learn different languages by understanding them, more in an entertaining way. How fun it would if learning a language could be as easier as watching a thrill-packed web series! Here’s a list of 15 Best German TV Series on Netflix to watch in the year 2020.

List of 15 Best German TV series on Netflix

  • Dark

1. Dark

Worth the hype, isn’t it? Dark has been one of the most popular series this season with the release of season 3 on July 24, 2020, was the final climax of the series which kept the old fans hooked and new viewers speechless. With three seasons that released on June 28, 2019, Season 2 on August 16, 2019, and Season 3 on June 24, 2020, 

Dark series continues a story with three different timezones, 1953-54, 1983-84 and 2019-20 where people go missing in a huge wormhole of time travel and four families looking for their missing members inside the dark. Season 1 consists of 2 disappearing people who are associated with an explosion in 1986 that left a mysterious hole. Definitely, one of the best  German TV Series to binge-watch during this quarantine.

2. Dogs of Berlin

Who doesn’t like a Crime suspense drama to binge-watch? Created and Directed by Christian Alvart, it consists of Season 1 with 10 Episodes. The story of two officers Erol and Kurt, who set to investigate the murder of a German-Turkish Footballer Orkan Erdem. 

There’s a list of potential suspects that awaits in Berlin. Turkish Nationalists didn’t like the footballer as he played for German despite being Turkish. The cops dig deep into the underworld of Berlin to seek the truth. While the first season is already released last year, let’s see what season 2 has to offer to us.

3. Biohackers

Netflix brought us the first trailer of Biohackers already. Science Fiction, drama, thriller this series has got everything a Sci-fi fan would love to watch. The story revolves around a girl named Mia, a medical student who tries to get close to her professor as she doubts some unethical happenings in her past that she tries to find. 

She thinks Professor Lorez could be the reason for one of the family tragedies but as a medical student, she discovers the concepts of advanced Biohacking technology. When it comes to the hands of the wrong people, Mia needs to decide which side she’s in and whether she’s ready to find the truth.

4. Perfume

A crime series that was released on Dec 21, 2018, on Netflix inspired by a novel and a movie in 2006 of the same name. A murder investigation crime drama series that will keep you hooked to watch it. With its excellent views the production has decided to follow the story with the second season. 

The story involves the mystery of a murdered woman and a few more murders that follows. The investigating officers find out five boarding school students in the past who knew the lady victim from their school days and experimented with human scents back then. With 6 episodes in season 1, season 2 is to be announced soon.

5. We Are the Wave

Sony pictures film presents We are the wave, inspired by a novel named “The Wave”, set in the city of Mepperfield revolves around a group of teens who decide to fight against social injustices. It stars Ludwig Simon, Luise Befort, Michelle Barthel, Daniel Friedl, Mohamed Issa, directed by Anca Miruna Lăzărescu, Mark Monheim. The tv series was premiered on Nov 1, 2019, on Netlfix with 6 episodes in season 1.

6. Barbarians

Inspired by the famous battle of the Teutoburg Forest, warriors of Germany halt the expansion of the Roman Empire in 9 AD in their advance north. The violent and dramatic encounter of two worlds is tragically mixed with the destinies of three young people whose fate will lead them from loyalty to betrayal, from love to hate and innocence to guilt. Not much confirmed about the seasons and episodes, its mentioned the genre of Action, Drama, and Battle.

7. Unorthodox

A German-American drama series that premiered on Netflix on March 26, 2020, that was inspired by a movie, Unorthodox, The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots in the year 2012, A biography by Deborah Feldman. The story revolves around a 19-year-old Jewish woman, who escapes to her own home with her mother to Berlin to seek a secular life.

8. How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)

Who doesn’t want to impress his girlfriend by doing something illegal and risky? Well, only a person with a dozen guts isn’t it? Consisting of 6 episodes, released on 31 May 2019, this TV series involves a story of a young teen who starts to sell drugs online to impress his ex-girlfriend but later becomes a drug tycoon of his place. 

Streamed on Netflix, the second season was released on July 21, 2020. A Dark-comedy series is fun to watch is one of the best german tv series to watch, people do find it a hidden gem!

9. Criminal Germany

The setup is cool. A room is set for police interrogation, they have target suspects that they need to get the truth from and hence they involve in intense psychological games to seek the truth. Where Peter Kurth, Denis Arora, and Nina Hoss play as accused, Eva Mechbach, Sylvester Groth, Florence Kasumba, Christian Kuchenbuch, and Jonathan Berlin as police. 

The three episodes name Jochen, Yilmaz, and Claudia, short but binge-worthy with an average runtime of 40-45 minutes surely of the binge-worthy  German TV Series to watch!

10. Holiday Secrets

A German TV series casting Corinna Harfouch, Christiane Paul, and Svenja Jung as leads. The story revolves around a gathering for the holidays by three generations of a family, where secrets are slowly breaking them apart. It premiered on November 20, 2019, on Netflix. 

Incorporated with Alcoholism, infighting and dementia, mental illness, suicide, death, a lot of problems that we face in today’s lives. We could easily relate to the content shown, there’s a touch of melancholy. With 3 episodes in season 1, it more of sadness and low-key depressing. You could easily relate and is one of the must-watch.

11. Türkisch für Anfänger

(English: Turkish for Beginners): Learning Turkish could be quite interesting too. With this German television comedy-drama series, created by Bora Dağtekin and produced by Hoffmann & Voges Ent. It was premiered on March 14, 2006, on Das Erste. 

The story revolves around a German-Turkish stepfamily and their everyday lives. The story is narrated by Lena, the eldest daughter. With the running of 52 episodes and runtime of 25 minutes, 3 seasons its one of the best Comedy series to watch so far.

12. Skylines

German TV series are getting into you after seeing such a long list isn’t it? With Skylines, a german series with a very different outcome. Created by Dennis Schanz casting Edin Hasanovic, Murathan Muslu, Peri Baumeister as leads, Skylines brings us a story where music collides with crime organization, quite a new concept too. Released on Sept 27, 2019, runtime of 50-60 minutes,6 episodes, on Netflix, it’s a must-watch mini show.

13. Inside the criminal mind

Dramatically and vaguely presented, it discusses how the brain processes of a criminal, different types of Criminals, kidnappers, serial killers crime lords, and cult leaders and the psychology behind a crime. It looks lie a true-crime documentary we must try to watch to view.

14. Stromberg

A German comedy documentary series that took two awards for best writing and Best Sitcom. With 5 seasons and 46 episodes, Stromberg was considered one of the best sitcom series with an average runtime of 22-25 minutes each. The story revolves around a fictional insurance company and it’s queer day to day events that show the atmosphere of bullying and sycophancy.

15. Charite at war

This German tv series is based on the mishappenings of World War 2, how the doctors’ nurses and people were affected due to it casting Sarah Bauerett, Susanne Böwe, and Mala Emde as leads. Originally released on June 14, 2019, it is said to be a sequel of Charité also known as a famous hospital in Nazi rule with 6 episodes of season 1.

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