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10 Best Pandemic Movies to Watch on Netflix, Hulu, Prime

Pandemic movies, who would have imagined would look so near and relevant to the situation we’re facing right now. With rising cases of COVID-19 lately, it is found that the viewership of pandemic movies has increased to a great extent. Still, have a doubt on which pandemic movies to watch? Here’s is a list of movies you can watch one by one and experience the thrill and devastation of a Pandemic in different ways!

List of 10 Best Pandemic Movies

Flu (2013)

One of the Best pandemic movies you can watch. The worst epidemic spreads across the count the country Bundang, some illegal immigrants come into the country for smuggling, one of them dies from an unknown virus. The number of infections increases simultaneously leading to a lot of people helpless and dead. The flu is a great pandemic movie everybody must watch.

Train to Busan (2016)

A fund manager Seok Woo divorced his wife takes his daughter to meet her mom on her birthday. The train that he travels gets affected by the Zombie spread which leads the whole passengers to turn into zombies. Will he be able to save himself and his daughter from the outbreak? It is one of the best pandemic movies based on viruses you can this quarantine.

Contagion (2011)

Beth Emhoff returns from a business trip to Hong Kong, dies as an infection spreads. There’s an unknown pandemic that is to hit the city. Some doctors are working for the U.S. Center of disease control to find out the extent of this spread. The initial question is to find the epidemic and find an anti-dot to it. As the virus spread across the city, the epidemic panics the whole city into trouble. Have a look at how the people get through over the pandemic during this quarantine.

World war Z (2013)

Want if you get stuck in a situation of a pandemic unannounced? How will you save yourself and your family through it? Watch Bratt Prit play a former UN investigator and set on a journey to fix the zombie pandemic that’s spread in the world. It is one of the best Pandemic movies to watch during the quarantine phase we’re in right now.

Quarantine (2008)

An American horror-found footage film with spooky scary and infectious. Won’t you want to miss out on right? It is one of the best pandemic movies, you should try.

Viral (2016)

Two teenagers, Emma and her sister Stacey are having a blast while their parents are on the other side of the barrier. A viral infection across their place when they’re left with isolating themselves in a tough time. Will Emma and Stacey be able to survive the infection? It is one of the best pandemic movies to watching you quarantine boredom!

Outbreak (1995)

It’s a story based in California where a viral outbreak is spread through an African monkey. The pandemic virus is spread around the U.S. and we see army doctors struggling to find a clue. Isn’t it a good option for a pandemic movie to watch this quarantine?

Carriers (2009)

The world is devastated by a pandemic. Brian, Bobby, Danny, and Kate head towards a beach to chill. Unfortunately, their car breaks down. The world is devastated by a pandemic already. The story revolves around how they survive the mishappenings during the pandemic and the decisions they make on the way. Nice teenage pandemic movies to watch, surely watch out with your friends!

Blindness (2008)

The Blindness movie starts with a man who goes blind in the middle of Rush wherein one man initiates to drive him home. The wave of blindness follows back. As the first man walks to the clinic, everybody goes blind there as well, and so on. Interesting to sound isn’t it? Since it is one of the relevant pandemic movies to watch, do not miss it out!

Virus (2019)

It’s a well-crafted movie by Aashiq Abu which deals with a virus spread across Kerala. It’s an Indian Pandemic movie that explains the virus spread in an extra-ordinary end. Do watch it and share your feedback!

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