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22 Amazing YouTube Web series You Can watch Anytime

Youtube web series has emerged as a competitive platform just like Netflix and Amazon Prime. With increasing viewership every year, Youtube is coming up with new ways to keep their audience intact. Almost anything and everything is found on Youtube and so are the new mini web series. Watch the list of Youtube web series that you can watch during your leisure time and that too, for free!

1.Little Things

An Indian Youtube web series that revolves around the daily routines of a couple, their struggles, and hardships. It is one of the best series to watch as it shows the concept of Live-in relationships. Powered by Pocket aces, it won the BEST YOUTH SHOW at MTV-IWMBuzz in 2019. You can watch the first season on Youtube. Since Netflix purchased the franchise of Little things, season 2 and 3 are premiered on Netflix.


Pitchers is an Indian Youtube web series produced by TVF- The Viral Fever, on June 3, 2015. It is a story of four friends, Naveen, Jitu, Yogi, and Mandal who quit their settled job to chase their dream of owning a Start-up. If you need motivation while planning to start something new, this show is worth watching. Its comedy and drama will just blow your mind!

3.College Romance

A web series by Timeliners, a popular Youtube channel, you can watch it easily on Youtube. The story that has everything concerned with colleges, Teenagers romance, and drama, is a Youtube Web series you must watch.


One of the best series to watch. Produced by Pechkas Pictures, It’s a story that shows the misadventures of 3 university flatmates who end up opening a midnight food delivery service. You can watch it free on Youtube.

5.Girl in the city

Want to be a Fashion Designer? Well, Bindaass presents Meera a small-town girl from Dehradun lands up being in Mumbai for an internship in a Fashion brand. Watch her journey to get some real inspiration and fun. It has three seasons and is one of the Best Youtube web series to watch. How about Binge watching it during a lockdown?

6.Permanent Roommates

The Viral Fever presents Permanent roommates. It’s a story by Biswapali Sarkar, reloves around a couple who’s in a long-distance relationship 3 years old face the prospect of marriage. Watch the roller coaster ride of Mikesh and Tanya in their Fun filled journey. It is one of the oldest web series which is worth watching.


Are you influenced by Fashion? Here we present a story of Girl who speaks and breathes Fashion, Crazy Mumbai girl Alisha. After completing her college from LA in Fashion, she returns to Mumbai and starts making her path in the industry of Fashion. Who is she? A Fashion detective or a blogger? Well, that’s what you need to find out! Blush presents you with Alisha, a Youtube Web series you should not miss on!

8.Kota Factory

India has a lot of IIT aspirants every year. Here we see a journey of students who are in Kota, the coaching hub that prepares you for IIT. It’s one of the Youtube web series you must watch, undoubtedly. You can watch it on Youtube and TVF play!


What happens when ex schoolmates meet in an unexpected journey in Shillong after so long? Feel the nostalgia, comedy, and emotional drama Soulmates has. The web series was released in 2018 by Dice Media and is worth watching. Do give it a shot!

10.What the Folks

Watch the modern families breaking stereotypes! It deals with family issues that take place daily. It’s a story of a guy who is forced to live with his in-laws a week. You can anytime watch it one Youtube.


There’s a lot that happens in the life of a Bachelor, start this journey with four flatmates and their daily life drama and how they deal with them. It’s one of the Youtube web series you must watch.

12.The Trip

Ever been out with your girl gang for a trip? Experience the trip that turns out to be a bachelor’s party for one of the girls. The fun, drama, comedy, and conflicts. It has got everything that you wish to see together. Presented by Bindass, it’s one of the best series to watch on youtube!

13.Please find attached

Dice Media presents Please find attached. It’s a mini web series you should watch in your buffer time. A story of two colleagues who turn into flatmates later. You can easily watch it on Youtube.

14.Band Baaja Baarat

A love story of two individuals with different backgrounds, decide to get married. Feel the chills and conflicts that follow before getting hooked for life.

15.Yeh meri Family

Are you a typical 90’s kid who’s nostalgic about your past? Well, this show will bring a breeze of freshness to your ordinary day on a week off. A story that’s based in 1998, Guptas live a typical millennial life. Everyday conflicts, Generation issues, misunderstands and drama, it’s covered it all! It’s one of the best Youtube web series on the internet which is worth watching.


Watch Ritvik Sahora and Tanya Maniktala play Rajat and Ishita as they explore the journey of childhood romance.

17.Girls hostel 

Dushmani, Dosti, or Pyaar, if you want to experience the roller coaster ride of what happens in a girls hostel, this series is a must-watch!

18.The Tripling

Ever been on a road trip with siblings? Sounds bizarre right? But not now! Watch Chandan, Chanchal and Chitvan set on a road trip while they’re miserably stuck in their lives. The trip lands them up with solutions, better relations anas they explore a whole new ambiance! It has 2 seasons which you can watch on TVF play as well other than Youtube. It is one of the best Youtube web series ever made! Do not skip it!

19.The Reunion

What happens when 4 old friends meet in the same place they spent time with a long time back? While they all have their own set of struggles to deal with, nostalgic memories and friendships are what keeps them going. 

20.It happened in Hong Kong

Ever met a stranger while traveling to a new city or a country? Well, This Youtube web series does that. It’s a story with two individuals who met each other while they’re exploring a new place and experiencing love, friendship, and what not! Watch this amazing youtube web series which is worth watching!

21.Ready to Mingle

Amol Parashar and Aahana Kumra starrer Youtube web series Ready to mingle shows the journey of modern-day couples and the difficulties they face? Bringing a new definition of how modern-day love and relationships look like, these two characters will be seen playing cupids for others. Are you ready to watch the fun-filled drama and comedy? If you haven’t watched it yet, watch it now!

22.Engineering Girls

Hostel, friendships, conflicts, heartbreaks, and assignments. College life consists of just that. Watch Sejal Kumar, Barkha Singh, and Kritika Khurana experience the hostel life while pursuing engineering and how they proceed towards fulfilling their dreams and ambitions. You can watch season 1 on Youtube and season 2 on Netflix. It’s one of the best Indian youtube web series worth watching for one and all.

Youtube web series we’re all crushing over. If you haven’t watched it yet, do that now! Do let us know in the comments which one was your favorite!


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