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A Quiet Place 3: Everything You need to know!

A Quiet Place franchise became an unexpected hit within no time. While the viewers appreciated John Krasinski’s direction and storytelling, A Quiet Place a was much-awaited sequel which after a year of delay was finally released theatrically on 28th May 2021.

To no surprise, fans loved the storyline as well as the performances as the Abbott family is set for new adventures, bigger and better. We see Regan and Marcus as the star of the show as they steal the show with action-packed performances.

Wondering what happens next after the dramatic ending of A Quiet Place 2? We are too, while the release dates of A Quiet Place 3 are still not confirmed yet, here’s what the details look like.

Quiet Place 3 Release date

With a tiny budget of $17 million for part 1 which hit $340 million worldwide, sequels are the prior points to be discussed.

With the success of “A Quiet Place part 2, even if the release dates of A Quiet Place 3 are still not confirmed yet, its sequel “A Quiet Place 3” is anticipated to be released by March 2023.

The dates will soon be confirmed as the movie is a big box-office hit and fans are waiting to know more, what happens next! As for now, Part 2 is released theatrically and will be available by 12 July on Paramount+.

What to expect in A Quiet Place 3

Although there is no official announcement of the plot for “A Quiet Place 3”, Emily Blunt did mention that it’s a trilogy in making, and with the obvious abrupt ending of the climax in both the settings, there’s all lot that can happen in future movies.


In the first part, we see these deadly sound creatures with immense speed and strength and how they picked up every human who made a noise, Quiet Place 2 refers more to the origin, how it all started, and how Regan and Marcus are being the heroes found a perfect weapon to makes these creatures vulnerable enough to be killed, it got bigger and better as more characters get involved.

While Quiet Place Part 1 & 2 were more of the silent sort, A Quiet Place 3 can be expected to be more action-packed, and we might see how the survivors find ways to destroy the sound creatures as they know their vulnerabilities, hearing aid’s vibrations, and their disability to swim!

The prequels have made enough build-up and storyline to bring a bang-on sequel we’re all waiting for. We might also see the creatures getting killed, once and for all. 

Cillian Murphy, who adds on another character in the sequel of the Quiet Place mentioned in a chat with Joe, “I think there must be another one, What John Krasinski has done is so vibrant, that he has started tiny with the story, and then expanded it a bit bigger, and a bit bigger, and I guess the next one will be slightly bigger and action-packed. So yes, I think it is a possibility to set up for more.

How they’ll do it? I have no idea.” Have you watched “A Quiet place 2” yet? Do let us know your favorite scenes in the comments below.

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