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Dwayne Johnson reveals his Black Adam First look to DC fans

Dwayne Johnson reveals his Black Adam First Look to his fans. DC Fandome dropped its official trailer on August revealing Dwane Johnson to be the Black Adam like a Superevil Villian. Yes, DC Comics’ anti-hero is back with introducing Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam on Big screen, Fierce, Wild, and Strong. Don’t you tell me that you didn’t go blown away with that amazing costume he carries, Black and Yellow, and a concept of Cape which was hardly a part of his wardrobe? The Official teases literally teases the DC fans with the idea of Black Adam releasing soon, I mean why not! Watch Black Adam First Look that is already released!

When will be Black Adam release date?

Well, there’s a long story to it. The movie production was initially planned to shoot this year 2020, But the Coronavirus Pandemic had something else to offer. After Dwayne Johnson reveals his Black Adam First Look to his fans, for now, Black Adam will resume its shoot this September. It was scheduled to release sooner, but it’s final for Black Adam release date is December 2021.

What is Black Adam’s movie is about?

Black Adam First look 2021 Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson reveals his Black Adam First Look to his fans after DC Comics released the teaser for Black Adam 2021.A Fictional Supervillain character of DC Comics, ancient Egyptian corrupt ancestor of Captain Marvel who competed with the modern challenges to fight with the Superhero.

This DC comic-based villain is all set to redefine his power set in the 21st century, a supervillain all ready to clear his name and reputation. It’s been 10 years-long waits for the shoot of this movie to finally take place, to develop his character but after the introduction to Shazam, the wait got over as they proceed the productions. The WWE star is now a movie star as well! We all are excited for him to see what he has on the table for us! The New look released Black Adam via the official trailer released on August 23 with additional Concept art at DC Fandome.

How many chills did you get once he said “No one can over stop me again”, Black Adam we felt it! Have you watched the teaser yet? If not, Do it now!

What are Black Adam’s abilities?

He is a superhuman before he becomes a hero or a villain and he possesses a lot of abilities. He has superhuman stamina and he’s not Vulnerable( The stamina of Shu), Nobody can match his speed and flight (Speed of Haru), He’s a genius intellectual man(Wisdom of Zehuti), His strengths are unmatchable (strength of mon), Can control and emit magical lightning and thunder (Power of Aton) , Courage and bravery (Courage of Mehen) and Longevity.

BLACK ADAM OR SUPERMAN, Dwayne Johnson reveals his Black Adam First Look!

We know they have the same powers and characteristics, it would be interesting to see something of that sort, although it would add a lot of excitement for DC fans already! “Kneel at his feet or get crushed by his Foot” he tweets his journey to becoming the Black Adam, after such a long wait, we can finally watch him next year, December 2021, on theatres! How happy are you to see The Rock join the very known DC Universe? Do let us know in the comment below.

“Look, at the end of the day, you never know, Black Adam and Superman could become friends,” Johnson said. “Or… they won’t. Who knows. Probably we’ll see.” Dwayne teases the audience but only we know once we get to see Black Adam in theatres releasing on December 2021. Black Adam First Look’s and trailer is already released, all we need to wait is for the final trailer and the movie that hits the theatres in December,2021.

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