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How Christopher Nolan is a man of a masterpiece

Christopher Nolan is a man of a masterpiece. With his way of delivering a story, he is one of the distinctive directors in the industry. He was born on July 30, 1970, and debuted with “The following” in 1998. His style of storytelling is not only distinct but also engaging as his concepts that he implies blows our minds away. What makes Nolan’s every movie so different from one another? How is Nolan a man of Masterpiece? Let’s dive into a few of his pieces of art that we’re already a fan of!

Christopher Nolan is known for his metaphysical themes, wait, what is metaphysics though? Metaphysics is a genre of philosophy that touches the streams of principles of time, identity, and space that has no reference to reality. The themes depict different conflicts of time and nature of memory and a different zone of identity. The concept of metaphysics and it’s portrayal is what makes Nolan a man of a masterpiece.

Movies that conflict with Time and space

  • Momento is storytelling based on two parallel tracks, back and forth in different time and space zones. That is the key factor that keeps the viewer hooked to what he’s watching and be attentive to it. It shows a roller coaster ride along with the main characters giving us a masterpiece experience. You need to keep your logic intact to understand the sensibilities of the movie and that’s the kick!
  • Dunkirk on the other hand, smart plays with our understanding and thoughts. We see a different setup from Momento. An experience of showing 3 different time zones, the moments that were set up over a week, a day converging into one another at some point in time. The story is based on the evacuation of Dunkirk during World War 2 in 3 mediums of spaces, land, sea, and air! What else would you expect from a man of perfection?

Nolan’s conspiracy of dreams makes him the man of a masterpiece

  • We’re all fans of the artworks he presents to us, don’t we? Who isn’t a fan of Inception? I’m sure it might have taken two to three rounds of rewatching before we understood the movie! A movie that constantly switches between different time zones, digging deepest into the minds, reconstructing dreams, and what not!
  • A movie so perfectly built simply shows what an artistic mind he owns. We knew Nolan as a man of masterpiece after this movie came into the theatres! The 5 levels of dreams, so adequately presented constantly nurtures us with levels of dreams with a dose of time-travel.
  • Interstellar is known for its epic time travel construction that showcases a futuristic approach. Hats off to the VFX team who made the cinematic experience so real that we immersed into the movie so well! The movie revolves around the dystopian future of Earth that struggles with man-kind to survive on Earth. While astronauts walk towards Saturn to find a new home. 

Nolan’s new definition of Physicological Thriller

  • Talking about Nolan, we can not skip another masterpiece, The Prestige. No, no, not the pressure cooker one for sure! We enter a world of magic as real as Harry Potter or even more than that, hard to believe, fun to watch! It had all human emotions to their maximum, obsession, rivalry, secrecy, and sacrifice.
  •  The Dark Knight was truly a remarkable one, who doesn’t know about the Joker’s bank robbery scene? A contemporary American setup, Joker is one of the villains we would never forget. It’s a superhero series that made its history, considered one of the best superhero trilogies of all time to an extend that rotten tomatoes gave 94%! 

When Christopher Nolan works on new genres, people tend to get excited to see what new on the table, like Tenet that’s supposed to be released by July, 30 this year. Yes, that’s his birthdate! One had where we’ve seen movies like Inception playing with mind levels, Interstellar giving epic concepts of time travel. Tenet gives us an insight of time reversal. With the masterpiece of Nolan, we would see a whole new concept of time games and how. There’ no doubt about pathbreaking his direction is, undoubtedly Christopher Nolan is a man of a masterpiece in a million ways.

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