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Class of 83 Characters Explained

Released on August 21, 2020 Class of 83 has been a talk of the town for while. Red Chillies entertainment introduces Bobby Doel to the OTT and to be honest, it’s quite a comeback must say. 

The movie seems realistic and so are the characters. No doubt that the new bunch of newcomers has aced their parts but we must admit Bobby Deol had a great comeback with an unexpected twist.

We never saw him in this avatar right? Although there are plenty of movies that are inspired by Bombay gangster wars in the 80s, with this cast, it looks much more fresh and worthy of being appreciated not forgetting how Anup Soni brought much life as a supporting villain to the film.

Class of 83 Characters Explained

Image : Netflix

VIJAY SINGH: Played by Bobby Deol is an honest policeman who took his duty seriously than anything else. While he was at his duty to catch Kalsekar, he found out that the politician CM Manohar Patkar was connected to him and hence was sent on a punishment posting to the Police training academy as Dean.

While all this happened he also lost his wife and his son blamed him for not being with his mother when she needed him the most. Although things changed gradually as the story moves forward, by the end he was accepted by his son and daughter-in-law when they gave birth to a girl and named her after his mother.

CM MANOHAR PATKAR: A corrupted CM who dealt with gangsters to bring arms, gold, and currency hence inviting a lot of smugglers in the city which was a threat to the cotton mill workers as they were risked the most. Anup Soni played this part and not surprisingly, he aced the role of a corrupted politician.

THE ENCOUNTER SQUAD: When it’s a peak time when star kids are bashed for nepotism, Srk and Gauri Khan took a big step by launching these new faces the country needed to see. They have aced their performances being young, learning rebellious officers who later form the encounter squad against the gangsters.

The roles feature cast Hitesh Bhojraj as Vishnu Varde, Sameer Paranjape as Aslam Khan, Ninad Mahajani as Jhawan, Prithvik Kamble as Surve, and Bhupendra Jadawat as Pramod Shukla. Much to delight, they mentioned they would not have imagined such a debut, and now that the audience is loving it, we’re even more glad.

Joy Sengupta, Vishwajeet Pradhan, Ahmareem Anjum, and Geetika Tyagi as supporting roles were cast well. Deol also mentions that it was a huge break and the comeback with this sort of role was just the cherry of the cake. The late 40’s guy says “These kids never felt like they were newcomers, they have studied their characters so well, I truly felt like a Father guide and teacher performing with them.

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