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The Mystery of Devil’s Bible Codex Gigas Explained

Although the Mystery of Devil’s Bible is not a fresh subject to be discussed at this point until we discussed it in the Babysitter movie sequel. While watching the Babysitter series, we came across two unknown terms which were not much explained in the movie “The demonic cult” and “Ancient Devil’s Bible“.

While the post-production of Babysitter: the killer queen reveals the presence of the Devil’s Bible, were here to break down the mystery of Devil’s Bible Codex Gigas, a true story or folklore, we’re soon to find that out. 

Who wrote the Devil’s Bible?

Ancient books and manuscripts are quite a subject of discussion as they not only contain loads of enigmatic details about the past but also some mysteries lie untouched and unrevealed. One such ancient book is known as Codex Gigas, written in the 13th century.

This giant manuscript was written in a Bohemian monastery is still the largest book in the world, wait, the largest Cursed book in the world to be precise. 

Devil's Bible Codex Gigas Explained

This Devil’s Bible is 36 inches tall, 20 inches wide, and 8.7 inches thick weighing 136 pounds, this ancient book tends to be the largest illuminated manuscripts of the history.

Back in the time of Middle ages, a monk was sentenced to be sealed up alive in a wall as a result of breaking and disrespecting the vows. The petrified monk promised to write a glorifying manuscript in the name of the Bible to write all good things about the era. 

It also promised to write all the human knowledge in one night. As a response, the king agreed to his plea but by the mid of the night, the monk realized it was not his cup of tea to complete the whole bible in one night, as promised. The legend says the monk hence prayed to satan sacrificing his soul and writing the bible in return hence the massive book was written in a night.

Why is it called The Devil’s Bible Codex Gigas?

While Codex Gigas was the name of the book, this huge manuscript came to be known as The Devil’s Bible as the monk drew a full-page Satanic illustration in gratitude to the Devil for saving his promise with the king. Few other legends say it’s a form of a signature that the devil made himself.

Why the Codex Gigas was considered the 8th wonder once?

The Devil’s Bible Codex Gigas was once considered as the 8th wonder sue to the fact that it was almost impossible to write 310 pages, with the same handwriting in a night. The scientist claim that the content and the intricacy of the manuscripts, the vulgate version of the Latin bible’s old and new testaments, besides, it also spoke about Exorcism and magic spells. Medieval times had a huge history where there were recorded illnesses due to demonic possessions.

Mystery of Devil's Bible Codex Gigas

But there lies more, the mystery of Devil’s Bible Codex Gigas remains unrevealed as the handwriting experts claimed the writer for the whole book was the same, and to maintain that uniformity in handwriting one must have written continuously for 5 years to complete the book without showing aging and illnesses. How was that possible right?

The Mystery of Devil’s Bible Codex Gigas Explained.

Codex Gigas means a giant book in Latin. The mystery of the Devil’s Bible Codex Gigas is the missing last 10 pages of the book. It’s said that the pages of the book were deliberately removed as it contained deadly information which is used by humans, might lead to disastrous results. Although it’s also said that the followers of Satan have already stolen those pages for their greed, the truth still needs to be found. 

The mystery of Devil’s Bible Codex Gigas is still under the process of revealing the truth, how can a Bible which one of the holiest books in the planet is turned into a Satanic manuscript.

It still lies a huge mystery but does it connect to the Babysitter series? This comedy horror drama talks about the Devil’s Bible where one sets a deal with Satan to fulfill his wish in exchange for his soul and sacrificed blood. Oh well that, forms the connection!

Devil’s Bible Codex Gigas Facts to know

  1. This Devil’s Bible is 36 inches tall, 20 inches wide, and 8.7 inches thick weighing 136 pounds, this ancient book tends to be the largest cursed manuscripts of history.
  2. The pages of the Devil’s book are made of Vellum, donkey’s skin. It’s said almost 160 donkey’s skin was used to create the whole manuscript.
  3. Codex Gigas is all written in Latin with few ancient manuscripts of Britannica, Hebrew, etc.
  4. During the thirty years of war in July 1648, when the Swedish army looted the city of Prague, they found Codex Gigas, the devil’s bible with other treasures they captured.
  5. Made of 310 pages of the same handwriting which is almost impossible to write in a night according to the scientists, the Devil’s bible is now preserved in World Digital Library.

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