What happens to Emma in Biohackers TV Series

The finale episode had a lot to offer, with all the shocking revelations, twists, and turns, the final episode turns out to quite captivating for the audience. But out of all the happened, the major question lies in What happened to Emma in Biohackers lastly? Biohackers is a Netflix original Sci-fi thriller series with 6 episodes, 40 minutes each and you get to decide whether to watch it or skip it once you know the spoiler, yes! Spoiler Alert!

Biohackers TV Series Cast List

Luna WedlerMia Ackerland
Carmina GarayLittle Girl
Jessica SchwarzProf. Tanja Lorenz
Thomas PrennNiklas
Adrian Julius TillmannJasper
Zeke AltonDouble Felix
Cristina AndrioneMother at Ice
Manuel BoeckerDr. Schudo
Zeynep BozbayPetra Eller
Caro CultLotta
Eleonore DanielBusiness Woman
Sebastian Jakob DoppelbauerOle
Benno FürmannAndreas Winter
Sebastian GeraschFather Engels
Benjamin LangeColleague
Claudia LenziMother Engels
Edith SaldanhaMonique
Simon TiefenbacherBen Engels
Jing XiangChen-Lu
Nina ZorziEmma Engles
Susanne JokielPolizistin

Biohackers TV Series Ending Episode Explained

At the end of the series, Emma plans up a meeting with Berlin, who she was working for. We met him in the earlier episodes, He is Andreas Winter, a Standford Quarterly journalist who once interviewed Lorenz in the opening episode, seems he knows quite a lot about Biology, maybe that was the reason Lorenz seemed unimpressed while giving an interview with him. Also, he happens to an old friend of Emma’s dead father.

Emma hands over a flash drive with all the important data, she had to collect samples of Genes of children who lost their lives in the Lorenz experiment. It was all the proof to Homo Deus, it seems finally Emma’s mission of taking an act of revenge from Lorenz was about to take place making her mission complete. She had a devastating past, a family tragedy where she lost her family, Lorenz has a direct connection to it, hence Emma seeks revenge. But the reporter befooled Emma and hit her on her head.



Emma is kidnapped! She’s shoved into a van with a mouth duck-taped. When Andreas was introduced in the premiere episode, he seemed to have a Biology background, he knew quite a lot about it. There must be a backstory and a major reason why Lorenz didn’t like him interviewing her. He knows about Homo Deus and surely wants credits for it.

As Emma enters the van she finds Lorenz kidnapped as well. Yes, Emma and Lorenz seem to have the same trouble, same villain! Probably in next season, Biohackers Season 2, we might get to see both the ladies unite to design a plan to escape him or either, be a victim but for now, both of them land up in the same trouble!

Biohackers TV Series Release

Initially Biohackers, a Netflix Originals was scheduled to be released in April 2020, however, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the series was rescheduled for August 20, 2020. The major shooting sequences started by May 2019 and ended by September 2019. Ditter has written and directed the initial three episodes followed by Tim Trachte from Four to Six. 

Have you watched Biohackers season 1 yet? Well, now you have the spoilers so you know whether to watch it or not. What we conclude, there are less positive Biohacking series like so it’s a tinge of fresh air, with audiences loving and appreciating it, Biohackers is also named as the next Dark! Having that said, it’s a big deal! Watch all the episodes of Biohackers Season 1 streaming on Netflix.

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