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What to Expect From Train to Busan 3

Ever expected will there be a Train to Busan 3? Wait, How many of you are a great fan of Korean movies first of all? I’m sure a lot of these movies and the movie “Train to Busan” is convincingly one of them.

Train to Busan is a South Korean zombie-horror film directed by Yeon Sang-ho in 2016. The story of a Father and daughter stuck in a train full of zombies is much of an art piece Sang-ho has worked on. 

But that was not the end, Train to Busan presents Peninsula but a level higher. A story of South Korean Marine Captain Jung-Seok (Gang Dong-won) who loses his family in a zombie outbreak while leaving the city is given a chance to break into the Hong Kong city to claim 20 million dollars in cash left in a truck.

The movie released on July 15, 2020, and received a theatrical release amidst COVID- 19 outbreak! 

But when Train to Busan and its sequel Peninsula is already out, there could be a chance of another sequel as well. Well, how? We’re surely planning to breakdown that for you!

The back-story of Prequels

Do you know the prequel movie that was made as a precursion to this movie? “The Seoul Station” was a zombie-animated short film in the same year! The story was written around Seoul Station, where a young woman tries to survive that sees her as unworthy and how she survives the zombies around her. 

The movie yet again was directed by Yeon Sang-ho who later directed Train to Busan. And since the movie worked so well, there was an obvious chance of bringing a bang on a sequel, which was Peninsula, released this year!

One of the highest-grossing films

Train to Busan is 6th highest-grossing in South Korea. It was the first live-action film by the director Sang-ho. The best part, the movie was made in just 4 months’ duration! That, calls for applause and I’m sure you would agree to it.

Having said that Peninsula was released amidst the Covid-19 outbreak, still, it managed to bring great numbers to the box office. Having that said, why not Train to Busan 3?

Train to Busan 3 would top the franchise

The movie has reached more than 10 million people worldwide, making it on the list of most liked movies. Rotten Tomatoes rated in 95%, wait, what! No doubt the film was produced in a short duration, but also the most popular films in no time! And with Peninsula, Train to Busan series tops the zombie movies list anyway! 

The story of main lead

Gong Woo played the lead role of Seok-Woo. He’s one of those actors who is not a part of social media. He thinks the whole concept of Social media and Instagram is scary to him.

It makes people lonely and they feel terrified about themselves. Gang Don-Won the lead for Peninsula also pulled the whole movie with sheer excellence. It’s quite safe to say that leads have been cast very well which makes viewers want to see more.

The Tragic Ending is not the real end

For the people who haven’t watched the South Korean zombie-horror film, Train to Busan, here’s a spoiler! The movie ends in it’s most unexpected form. How would we have imagined a happy ending in this movie?

Probably when the Father-daughter duo makes it till the end but is that so? No, the movie ended with the character Seok Woo jumping off the train as he’s bitten by a character who turned into a zombie. 

With that said, is it the ending of the whole concept? But then Peninsula came which was not really a sequel but the back story was the same adding a freshness to the whole concept. If it continues to be like this, why would we not watch Train to Busan 3?

When to Expect another sequel

Although the movie had a tragic ending, we might get to see more of the glimpses of the film. Train to Busan presents, Peninsula is the sequel planned for this movie.

Released on April 2, 2020, it’s one of the most awaited movies for a zombie-fanatic movie person! With that Peninsula came almost 4 years later and we might expect the sequel not anytime soon!

Train to Busan Presents Peninsula

The movie is not a cliche’ zombie thriller. The lead character is Kang Dong Won. We won’t see Gong woo in the sequel as he dies at the end of the movie”Train to Busan”. The story follows a similar era but a different plot which is great!

Peninsula has few exciting offerings

The country in the storyline is affected by the zombies, it shows 4 years post the breakdown, the city has nothing to offer.

It looks like a peninsula, and that could be one of the reasons for its sequel. The affected area is now an abandoned place, like Peninsula.

When the movie is so vast, the characters are intense, the zombie theory doesn’t look boring as there’s more scope of creativity and wait the Car scenes are epic isn’t it? We can expect the sequel to be even bigger!

Songs, what?

We might expect songs one or two in the movie which comes like a shock in a set-up like a zombie thriller film. Yon Sang-ho who has already mastered the art of making Zombie-horror series which so many of his animated works, let’s see what more the directer has to offer for us.

Train to Busan was a visceral and meaningful movie. Although it had a tense mindset, we get to see every minute expressions of how a person would react to such a setting. Hats off to the storyline, editing, and exciting VFX! With Peninsula, the expectations were high, and no doubt, the movie aced it like always! Would you like to watch Train to Busan 3? Have you watched Peninsula yet? Do drop down in your comments below!

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