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The History of Valak in Conjuring: Origins Explained

Valak is one of the most feared demons of the Conjuring Universe lore to date, comes back from the instances of “The Nun”. Valak is known to be a fallen angel banished from Heaven years ago. In this blog, we’re going through the history and origins of Valak, who has a strong storyline through the movies of The Nun, Anabelle Creations, and Conjuring 2.

The Nun

The History of Valak: the history of Valak starts in a small town in Romania. The tales take us through the story of a duke in 500-1000 CE when he created a great castle, which was later known as Abbey of St. Carta. Hidden in the dungeons was a summoning ground carved with a serpentine symbol of a mythical personal “THE VALAK”. 

The Nun The History of Valak

The duke was hence feared by the villagers as he wrote countless texts and scriptures about Witchcraft that has numerous rituals to call the evil forces from hell. He would use these spells to open the gateways for The Valak to live with the living.

As the duke did this, Valak’s presence in the church made it much foul and negative. Hence, Valak was interrupted by the liturgy who closed the gates of hell through holy blood, which we knew won’t last for long.

While we see Sister Irene, Frenchie (a villager), and father Burke where sister Irene successfully defeats Valak by spitting the holy blood right on her face, the movie ends with Frenchie getting possessed which is later investigated by the Warrens.

Annabelle Creation

Annabelle Creation

Annabelle’s creations also start a series of their own, where the Annabelle doll plays the antagonist. We see references of Valak as Sister Charlotte shows Mr. Mullins a picture of her with other nuns in Romania, where Valak is present too. When asked about the sister, she said she didn’t remember who that woman (Valak) was. 

Conjuring 2

Conjuring 2 starts with the Warrens case with Frenchie, where Lorraine is not able to forget her and gets her visions most often. This time, Ed envisions Valak in his dreams and draws a sketch of it, innocent of who Valak was, Lorraine also gets visions of Ed getting killed by the nun. 

Conjuring 2 valak

Parallel to the same timeline, Janice is possessed by a Crooked Man, Billy Birkins, as unnatural instances happen in the Hodgson family. Eventually, as the story proceeds, we get to know Billy has no hard feelings for the family, but the devil (VALAK) is making him do all this.

Series of events happen that convince the Warrens that Janice is behind all this and there’s evil possession whatsoever, Lorraine realizes her fault and they come back to a point when Janice is about to suicide. 

Ed goes after her, while Lorraine realizes that Ed’s life is in danger, as the visions she got were about to happen. Later, she figured out that the demon gets weak if his name is being called multiple times, using it to her benefit to defeat VALAK yet again.


Many references show sister Irene and Lorraine could have some connections with both are the capability of sensing the future and getting visions about the demon. You might also get a few references to “Valak” in “The Crooked Man”. The latest release, Conjuring 3: The Devil made me do it is another masterpiece you would love to watch. Premiered on June 4, 2021, is now streaming on Warner Bros.

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