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Who is Michael Myers? Origin of Halloween franchise Explained

Halloween series is one of the longest horror anthropology liked by the audiences, that of eleven films, as well as novels, comic books, merchandise, and a video game. Michael Myer being the villain for all the series except Halloween 3, Season of the witch which didn’t work well being off track. The series has grossed $640 million worldwide in the box office.


The saga of Michael Myers begins in 1963 on Halloween night, in the fictional Haddonfield Illinois. Seeing Michael very first kill as a young child wearing a mask we see his POV watching his sister getting frisky then heading into the kitchen retrieving a large butcher’s knife and surprises Judith in her room stabbing her mercilessly to death. Then walking out to the front of the house as his parents returned home seeing Michael dressed as a clown holding a knife. Under the mask, his expression is blank after Judith’s murder. Hence the story of Michael Myer starts from here.


Origin of Halloween Explained Michael Myers

HALLOWEEN Michael was put into the psychiatric facility Smith’s Grove where he stayed for 15 years under the care of dr. Samuel Loomis until the night of October 30th, 1978 Loomis and his associate Marion are required by law to take Michael to a hearing. When they arrived to pick him up shrouded in a heavy rainstorm, Michael attacks Marion and hijacks their car speeding off into the night his destination his hometown of Haddonfield.

Later entry expands a bit more on this idea in Haddonfield on Halloween we meet the teenage Laurie Strode approached by Tommy Doyle who she is babysitting later that evening walking down the streets they approached the old Myers house now derelict and abandoned however Laurie’s father and realist are attempting to sell the house. Tommy warns her not to even approach it calling it a spook house but Laurie isn’t worried. Michael has already returned home seeing Laurie and Tommy from inside.

Michael becomes obsessed with Laurie seemingly due to her and Tommy reminding him of himself and his ill-fated sister. Later sequels change his motivation for targeting Laurie. While Loomis is trying to track down Michael visiting the cemetery where his sister is buried where he is shocked to find that her body has been unearthed. Loomis now knows for sure that Michael has returned home we learned he’s been stocking up on some important supplies in town.

Annie and Laurie come across Annie’s dad, the sheriff at a hardware store break-in mentioning that some masks ropes and knives were taken. Loomis meets Brackett the two teaming up to track him down their first stop is the old Meyers residence. What Michael eats they find a freshly killed animal. Loomis noting that he must have gotten hungry gross he opens up a bit more about the history of treating the boy that he spent eight years trying to reach him before realizing that he was essentially evil with the blackest eyes he’d ever seen.

Michael is still focused on Laurie watching from outside where she’s babysitting Tommy. Michael sets out to kill Laurie’s friends including Annie and then Linda strangling her where the phone cord trying to call Laurie but in vain. He already gets inside he stabs out her from behind the couch Laurie retaliating by jamming and knitting a needle into his neck she goes to retrieve the kids assuring them that Michael is dead but not really! 

Laurie wisely sends the kids out of the house telling them to get help from a neighbor and as they run outside asking for help. Laurie finds out that Michael must be inside and rushing in the attacks who manage to pull his mask off revealing that he is just a normal-looking guy underneath not a monster. 

Loomis shows up unloading on him firing seven times knocking him over the second-story balcony and falling onto the ground below. Shocked Laurie calls him a boogeyman – which Loomis agrees he can’t really be considered human at this point especially when they look outside and already the body is gone and the movie ends there leaving a cliffhanger.


HALLOWEEN 2 picks up from the story where it was left but this one was released in 1981 where his body disappears. Laurie is still hospitalized by the trauma of her so-called: “Boogeyman” but Michael, still follows her. He’s not dead. People try to keep her away from him but one day he sneaks into the hospital when her boyfriend’s car crashed. He once again tries to kill Laurie. 

The story later reveals that his sister Judith was given up for adoption as a child. Lauri was Michael’s sister. After Judith’s death, Laurie was adopted by the Strode family. Not only that but as the plot unfolds the story of Michael, he was driven to kill his sister Judith to fulfill the Samhain’s curse as said by supernatural folklore. The film ends with Michael Myers being a threat supposedly over when an explosion that Dr. Loomis causes consumes both himself and Michael.


In this Halloween series, John Carpenter intends to kill Michael’s portion of Halloween and this movie becomes an anthology series that features Witchcraft with Science to it. The plot solely detaches from the initial plot of Michael Myers and one of the worst performed sequels to the original Halloween. 


In 1988, Micheal has been locked in Ridgefront Federal Sanitarium and is about to get transferred in Smith’s grove, Michael continues to stab on people’s heads. Micheal continues to kill people and kids out there looking for Laurie. While two sisters Jamie and Rachel are risked to be killed by Michael, they’re finally attacking the kids even if Rachael tries to save Jamie. 

Jamie is shocked by whatever just happened while Rachael isn’t moving. But as Loomis leaves Jamie on her own, Rachael appears with a fire extinguisher. The security alarm breaks into noise lure the posse to the school, the girls explain that Michael is inside. They take to a girl on their truck to secure them but Michael hitches a ride on the truck. But as he killed each one of those guys one by one, Rachael takes command and tries to crash the truck against Michael. 

He reappears and as he walks towards the girls the crops behind shooting him to the hole behind. According to everyone, he must be called dead where he belongs. Rachael and Jamie reunite with their parents, but Jamie walks in a mask trying to stab her mother dead with scissors wearing a clown dress. Jamie takes up the Myers family killing trade.


In this Halloween series, seriously injured but Mickael is still alive. We pick up on October 30, 1989, where Jamie has been put in a hospital, she gets nightmares and loses her voice due to the trauma as she’s mentally connected to Michael more. Loonie is still motivated that this connection might help him find Michael. Michael was back as he awaits to kill the sisters, he’s found waiting at Rachael’s closet stabbing her to death, Jamie feels the same too. 

Loomi asks why Jamie wishes to save him, but the nurse asks him to stop abusing Jamie. While Loomi captures Michael and put him in the custody. Loonie figures out that to find Michael he must find him in Myer’s old house and rises a similar man,” Man in Black” with a similar tattoo like Michael who helps him break free from the prison.


This part of the Halloween series typically follows the mythology of the cursed Michael. The movie reveals that Michael is the “chosen one” conduit by the “Rune of Thorn” cult to become the serial killer juggernaut that he already is. The cult indicates Michael as a chosen person who has to sacrifice his family for the protection of mankind. 

These chosen ones are called a cult of thorns. It picks up 6 years later to the last one where Tommy, the one whom Laurie babysits is a grown-up now. Tommy gives him a sedative drug and Loomie is Michael’s new guardian and the movie ends with again a cliffhanger.


The film celebrates its 20 years hence it’s 20 years later and the storytelling has taken a new curve. As Laurie faked her death and lived by another name to fool Michael, Michel uses Laurie’s son to find his target. As the dysfunctional siblings unite, Laurie kills Michael by driving him off the road and her siblings try to put in guilt. It almost seems like the story ended from where it started, but that was not true.


Set in 2002, seemed like been made just for the sake of continuation, it lacked the audiences’ attention too. Michael put the mask on an innocent driver and escaped, so the person whom Laurie killed was an innocent one. When he returns to Haddonfield, he finds teens playing reality shows in Myer’s old home that he didn’t like but Busta Rhymes, the producer kills Michael in the end. Yea, that’s it!


The Halloween series again starts with Michael hunting for his sister Lauri to kill while Looni hunts him to stop and take his custody so there’s less destruction. The movie digs into Michael’s childhood and his past that has framed his life, the way he is, the movie seems like a revisit to the initial movies. This one just seems to dig into the backstory of Michael, emotional end and this time, his mask is different too.


The movie dives into the connections between Michael and Laurie, they have psychological similarities it seems. It’s more violent and realistic. Again that it revisits his childhood in Smith’s Grove Sanitarium meanwhile the world thinks him to be dead, Laurie still deads with the nightmares and trauma. 

She finds out she’s Michael’s long-lost sister whom he wishes to kill. After instances with Michael still chasing Laurie, the police find his location meanwhile Loomi is stabbed by Michael. Later Michael hands over the knife to Laurie to kill him. Laurie seems to return with Michael’s mask.

While there are two more movies scheduled for the coming years that include Halloween kills and Halloween ends that come us 2021 and 2022. Stay tuned for more updates on the Halloween movie franchise. 

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