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Netflix Project Power 2020 FULL Movie Review

Lead by Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dominique Fishback, and Machine Gun Kelly, Netflix has released “Project Power” that was released on August 14, 2020. The movie with an intriguing setup based in New Orleans which tops in the lists of the crime rate of drug dealing and smuggling.

Project Power is a mixture of supernatural and superheroic themes which adds it’s the context of entertainment through the variations the drug intakes that adds an extra spice to an overall cliche movie.

Project Power 2020 Cast Explained

The three main casts have different stories to offer, different ages, different backgrounds, different professions united by one, to stop the use of “the 5 minutes unbelievable superpower pill”.

  • Art (played by Jamie Foxx) was once in the soldiers on whom the drug was tested. His daughter is being kidnapped by the same, as she has her father’s genes and will use her for testing as well. Aiming to get his daughter back, he’s ready to face anything that comes along.
  • Robin (Dominique Fishback), a lonely teenager who also happens to be a drug dealer of the same pill due to her financial conditions and her mother’s illness that made her follow this path. She raps well and has customers spread all over the city.
  • Frank (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), A cop and a detective who also happens to be a customer of Robin. He feels superheroic evils should be defeated by superheroic heroes and nothing less.

It’s only when they team up to hunt for Art’s daughter, get her back and fight against these evils to cut off the supplies leading to the end of it. The leads create commendable performances for sure with Robin being the soul of the movie and wait, her rap was epic! 

Project Power 2020 Movie Review

As cliched it could get with an essence of entertainment and the stunning performances for sure, the whole movie deals with one thing: You consume the pill and get 5 minutes of immense superpower which is even unknown to the user!

The three protagonists have been the users of this drug, pill whatever you say. Art has been given this drug for test and his daughter is kidnapped for the same. Robin is a school student who happens to be a drug dealer to acquire funds for her mother’s illness.

Frank who is a cop and serves the police also consumes the pills as he feels that superpower must defeat a superpower. There’s a rise in the “Power” drug intake in New Orleans increasing the crime rate day by day.

While the police still try to figure out the whereabouts of the criminals and the “Power” drug, the efforts seem to go vain. The story revolves around how these three teams up to first of all get Art’s daughter back and end the consumption of a deadly “Power” drug.

There are three best parts to focus on: The character portrayal, the VFX, and of course, the “Power” drug that brings a sense of newness and entertainment to an overall cliched setup.


Project Power Vfx

The creative process of VFX in Project power was supervised by Ivan Moran, João Sita, and Matthew Twyford from Framestore. While Moran worked as a side client working parallel with João Sita, and Matthew Twyford who was supervising 400+ VFX shots altogether. With the concept of “1 PILL, 5 MINUTES OF IMMENSE POWER” CG sets and LED technology for high octane action sequences were set.

For Pre-production, they shook hands with Art Director Jonathan Opgenhaffen from Framestore to build the look and effect of the “Power” capsule.

On the set of New Orleans, the production team and the VFX supervisors worked hand in hand to create the most realistic explosions and transitions to bring a creative and thrilling experience for the audience to watch.

Great make-ups and prosthetics, human flames, the use of Led technology, the movie seemed as lit as the trailer, well literally!

Moran mentions the most challenging VFX scene which was designing Art’s power, having a clear mindmap of the visual representation of explosions really did matter and we focused on.

The way the Power Drug works as a catalyst for subatomic vibrations within a human, in Art’s case these attract into some powerful infrasonic waves bursts out of him that cause steaming of water and then ionize! “This power was tricky as I had to create a visual inside my mind, to how far I can imagine the scene in my head and when I would discuss with the VFX team and directors they said It’s gonna work right?” Said Moran!

While Sita was asked to breakdown the “Bulletproof gunshot scene” here’s what he had to say: It’s the scene where the VFX had worked hand in hand with the practicality, to make it look so seamless. Surely the VFX artists have worked really hard to bring out the unusual effects on humans and it was a visual treat to watch this movie. Want to know more about how the VFX worked? Watch the whole VFX Breakdown behind the scenes now!


“THE POWER DRUG” and SCIENCE: A drug that makes you unbelievably strong with superhero power with a time period of 5 minutes, Is it even possible? What is this pill? Is the superpower concept that’s shown in the film possible even in real life?

What would happen if it was so? Well yes we know, its a superhero movie and not everything needs to have logic behind hows, wheres, whats but what if there was a reality to it? As it opens with the dialogue, “THIS IS POWER” we knew something groundbreaking awaits us.

Getting superpowers as told in a comic book seems easy, all you need to do is to find the right spider. When it’s just a pill, it’s even easier! But wait, it is even practically possible? Is it something for real? Well, few scientists have mentioned it as a yes and we would go through the 4 Variations to the Power Drug.

BULLETPROOF SKIN: Have you ever imagined if is this was true? Well, as far as we recollect the scenes of crime areas of New Orleans and firing shots in the movie, Bulletproof skin could prove to be a blessing. Scientists say that it takes almost 145 to 197 feet per second to break the human skin, the scene with the bullet shot on the head of Frank is almost bizarre.

But it said that the Ironclad Beetle, an unlikely source and prove such a concept right due to its tough hard skin of metal. The fibrous material that helps them to be this way is due to Chitin, it’s like keratin but a stronger one. If humans could produce any of that, bulletproof skin as possible.

HUMAN TORCH: There are no shortcuts to superpowers. The concept of Human torch although is nothing new as there were occasionally suspected cases of spontaneous combustion going way back to 1600s, with people burning into the fire and their leftover burning up in the room, there’s an answer to this.

“The Wick Effect”. A candle clothing soaks up the melted fat and produces flame result into a long time burn, you just need a source of fire and a catalyst from an outside source of the body. Ketosis causes the formation of highly inflammable chemicals called acetone.

While this process needs a temperature of 1600 degrees, our body gets heated by 104 degrees already and the cells get damaged. In that case, all that our scientists believe that flames on a human body are possible with a bodysuit that’s a combination that produces fire and protects from heat as well possibly like the stuntman do!

THE GAINT MAN: Gigantism was a natural phenomenon in animals but in humans, it’s called Acromegaly which happens due to malfunctioning of growth hormone in the human body. We as humans do use artificial growth hormones to increase a few parts of our body like muscles of a specific area, but the human growth hormone is only possible when a person hits puberty. So our experts mention that this sort of gigantism might not be possible in the human body.

INVISIBLE MAN: Who doesn’t like the camouflage chase sequence by France? While it’s said that there are water animals that communicate with each other through a light-reflecting cell or Chameleon that adapts to the texture it sits on a layer by layer.

But for a sequence where you’re running in that underwear, a human body needs to have those adaptations possibilities which are nothing closer to the reality yet.


What else do you like apart from the tagline that says ” Would you risk 5 minutes of pure power?” Probably the Rap? Well, we liked it too! Directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, written by Mattson Tomlin and lead by the cast Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dominique Fishback, it’s surely a movie we all must watch for at least once and you will not regret. You can now watch the movie streaming on Netflix.

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