Why Parasite movie is called Parasite?

Parasite movie has been one of the humongous achievements of the South-Korean Movie industry. Backed by 4 Oscars in 2019, it has not only achieved huge milestones but has created a huge impact on the audiences as well. People who’ve watched the Parasite movies have loved it undoubtedly but there lies a lot of questions.

Why Parasite movie is called Parasite? What is the meaning of the movie Parasite? Is Parasite worth watching? and lastly, what does the stone represent in the Parasite movie?

Directed by Bong Joon-ho with Song Kang-ho, Lee Sun-Kyun, Cho Yeo-Jeong, Choi Woo-Shik, Park So-dam, Jang Hye-jin, and Lee Jung-Eun as lead cast, Parasite movie was released on 30 May 2019, and trust me, this dark comedy tragic thriller movie is a must-watch.

Having that said, let’s break down the confusion that lies along with the movie Parasite?

Why Parasite movie is called Parasite?

We might hear about the parasitic worms, aren’t we? These worms are the leeches that enter a living body and feed on them. Similarly, the concept of the movie follows the same background.

The reason why Parasite movie is called Parasite is because of the parasitic nature shown in both Kim’s family and Park’s family. Talking about Kim’s, the family of four makes their way to Park’s family, the high society jobs so as to fill their stomach.

They live below poverty life, their struggles are way beyond anybody’s knowledge but once Kim Ki-Woo gets an opportunity to work for a high-class family he plans who to get his family working for them as well. It reflects a part of our societies and how the struggles of a poor person’s living and how he finds a way to live on the hosts who actually help them get through the poverty life by paying them.

They are a sort of parasite to society. On the other hand, Park’s family is also a variety of Parasites. Although they have the best living, best jobs, and businesses, they’re unable to cater to the mini chores like washing dishes, etc. They’re spoilt to such an extent that they can hire as many servants as they want and still be powerful and the rich.

The movie draws a line between the differences between a rich and poor wherein the poor always thinks how to fill his stomach and the rich is only upset about the bad smell the poor have, or a failed trip upsets them wherein the poor never even dream of going out camping or trips as they can’t afford that.

This is the major reason why Parasite movie is called Parasite as the society today reflects all the features a Parasite worm possesses.

Is Parasite movie worth watching?

Yes, with such a deeper meaning, although the name seems so unglamorous, it is relatable mostly to anybody who watches. It’s filled with action, drama, suspense, tragedy, and thrills.

It’s a highly impactful movie although the time duration seems long for that sort of film as the story forms step by step, the movie tends to get more interesting, and hence, you’ll not regret watching the movie for sure. So yes, Is Parasite movie worth watching? Yes, it is.

What does the stone represent in the Parasite movie?

The rock represents fortune or luck, as the movie claims. Set in a custom made structure and packed inside a wooden box, this rock is called suseok. As soon as the rock is placed at Kim’s family, they receive a better lifestyle, all the four gets into the high society Park’s family that was enough to fill their stomach and daily needs.

The Suseok rock brought good time and fortune for this poor family and as soon as it got displaced from its base, they saw their harsh reality. It also depicts how our society is blinded with such misconceptions that they follow such practices while what they can do is actually work hard for want they want to achieve in life.

Where can you watch the Parasite movie?

Unfortunately, the Parasite movie is not on Netflix. Surely you can watch it on Amazon Prime as this movie is always on the trending list, Hulu also added it in their library. You can also stem it on Google Play, Youtube, and Vudu.

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