When “Train to Busan” was released, audiences have loved the new take on Zombie-horror genre with the amount of action and suspense involved in every step, we were curious to know what was next. With returning of Train to Busan 2, prominently “Peninsula 2020” created a similar sort of curiosity within the audience as well.

We were thrilled by the announcement of “Peninsula 2020” and what it has to offer us. Let’s dig in more into the details of Train to Busan presents “Peninsula 2020” that was released in theatres on July 15, 2020, in South Korea. Though it was expected to have premiered on the 2020 Cannes Film Festival, got canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Is Peninsula better than Train to Busan released in 2016? Let’s find it out!



Dong-Won GangJung Seok
Jung-hyun LeeMin Jung
Re LeeJooni
Hae-hyo KwonOld man KIM
Min-Jae KimSergeant Hwang
Gyo-hwan KooCaptain Seo
Do-Yoon KimChul-min
Ye-Won LeeYu Jin
Daniel Joey AlbrightAmerican Soldier McClain
Pierce ConranReporter
Geoffrey GiulianoHong Kong Boss
Christopher GordonUN Soldier
Yeon-hee HwangTaxi woman
So-yeon JangJung Seok’s sister
Kyu-Baek KimPrivate Kim
Milan-Devi LaBreyTV Show Host
John D. MichaelsEvacuation Boat Captain
Bella RahimMajor Jane
Moon Woo-JinJung Seok’s nephew


The whole city is devastated by the Zombie outbreak and merely people could survive themselves, while the zombies multiplied day by day, South Korean Marine Captain Jung-Seok (Gang Dong-won), his elder sister (Jang So-Yeon), her husband Chul-min (Kim Do-Yoon), and his nephew Dong-hwan try escaping the city of Busan to Hong Kong as they were accepting refugees from South Korea. While he’s off towards the sea-port to leaves, they encounter another family who was looking for help but Captain Jung-Seok refuses to help them.

As they take off on the ship, there’s one infection man who transforms himself into a zombie in no time, killing all the fellow survivors including Jang So-Yeon, Captain’s elder sister, the only people left in the family as he and his sister’s husband and the ship reaches Hong Kong with the survivors leaving them with second class lifestyle.

4 years later, on the streets of Hong Kong, the refugees are still ill-treated by the civilians. They almost treat them like untouchables as they feel they’re infected and can harm anybody when that’s not the case! But there comes an opportunity comes as one of the gangsters asks them, well they’ve formed a group already, to sneak back to Korean City and retrieve a truck that contains 20 million dollars if they’re able to achieve the said, they get the half that is 2.5 million dollars for each one. As they agree, the group of four are given instructions and armory and sent to the Korean City.

As they decide to leave for Incheon Port after claiming the cash, they are ambushed by militants Unit 631. Most of them die in the ambush leaving Jung Seok and Chul Min. While Chul Min hides inside the truck, two sisters rescue Jung Seok, out of two sisters Joon, drives the car out of the scene in an unusual way, and her younger sister Yu-jin, the cute one who uses toys to distract the zombies.

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As they take him to their home, Jung Seok realizes these were the same people who asked for help while leaving the Korean city, he apologizes to the lady and tells her about the truck with cash that they need to rescue from the militia Unit 631. While they reach the shelter of Militia Unit 631 the following evening, Joon, Yu Jin, and Elder Kim await, Jung Seok and Min Jung sneak into Unit 631’s shelter where they find Chul Min being captive.

A lot of action sequences follow, from escaping the militia that’s all set to finish each of them to free themselves from the zombies, they finally reach Incheon port, they encounter Captain Seo who asks them to put their guns down and he escapes with the truck with cash into the ship that awaited.

Unfortunately, as he reaches the cargo hold of the ship, he’s being killed by the others inside the ship, as he still remains alive he takes a reverse gear pushing all the zombies get inside the ship, hence everybody gets killed. Elder Kim is shot by Captain Seo, but as he was constantly connecting with Jane, they find a rescue team from the US, help them to get away.


Well for a lot of reasons, yes but for many more reasons, maybe it’s not. Train to Busan undoubtedly flourished in our hearts the moment we watched the movie, but the peninsula 2020 was way different.

  1. Train to Busan was set inside a train and hence the devastation caused by the virus was much more than in Peninsula as it gave more space to explore as there was ample open space to play around with the scenes.
  2. There was an emotional connection to both, we almost had a moment of tears when the father gets bitten but in order keep his daughter and the pregnant lady safe, he sacrifices himself and jumps off the train. In Peninsula, The Marine Captain when in danger was rescued by the same family he once left abandoned to be threatened by the Zombies. People die, there’s an emotion of losing which seems so genuine! I almost cried at the end of both films!
  3. Zombies this time are more in number as the whole city is converted into Zombies, louder and dangerous to survive, but this time people are more prepared to face them, bigger, louder, and better.
  4. But what us even better? The action sequences and my god! It’s all mostly done by Joon and Ming Jung and no doubt it looks crazy, it might give you chills while you watch those sequences shot so perfectly!
  5. If you do good, you receive good, the ultimate law of karma, when Captain Seo shots Elder Kim and escapes with the truck full of cash, he gets stabbed by the gangsters inside the ship. 
  6. There are lessons to learn, as Train to Busan also gave us lessons like being overly smart at work can backfire, and how spending time with family is important, how to stand with each other instead of to rivaling about issues that take a backseat and fighting the zombies is a common problem. In Peninsula, we have a major lesson of “What goes around comes around,” It was only when Jung Seok is rescued by the family he didn’t care about much once helped him at last and “Doing good in return of whatever you get” which you think from the family’s end.
  7. Giving up is never an option, it leaves guilt inside you. At the end, when the rescue team finally finds them, Ming Jung tries to sacrifice herself so that her kids and Jung Seok can return back safely. As soon as puts the gunpoint under her jaw, Jung Seok thinks for trying one last time, hence Ming Jung was safe and could accompany her family in the end.


Both the movies have their own story, portrayed so well by the characters, the epic plot, and such interesting scenes you would hardly like to pull your eyes off the screens, yes, it’s engaging no doubt. Only one thing I feel, if had it not been mentioned that The Peninsula is the Sequel of Train to Busan, audiences must have connected more, as compared to Train to Busan,

this movie as a sequel did fall apart a bit but was a great movie had the Train to Busan relation was not there. How did you like the movie “The Peninsula” and what’s your takeaway? Do let us know in the comments below.


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