Quiet Place Creatures Origins Explained 2020

The viewership of Post-Apocalypse movies is increasing day by day which in return is the result of more and more Sci-fi horror films. With zombie apocalypse movies like Train to Busan, creature oriented films like Bird Box is also coming into play. Paramount Pictures released “A Quiet Place” in 2018. It introduced us to Death Angels as the villain creatures which kept most of us in a curiosity to know more about them. Who were the Quiet place creatures? What was their origin? Should we expect their presence in the sequel? Well yes, let’s discuss if the Creatures of Quiet Place 2 and answer all the questions!

A Quiet Place Ending Explained

Well, the story starts with day 89, the Abbott family as the lead. They were finally getting used to detaching themselves from any sound around them. While they’ve survived for so long, the Abbott couple were planning another baby. In the climax, we saw the Death Angels invade their home while Evelyn had just delivered a baby.

She’s already lost her loving husband and Regan was in the guilt of not understanding her father till the end. But here was the kick, the ear machine her dad made for her had high frequencies which happened to be the biggest drawback of the Death Angels.

Once the Abbotts figure this out, Regan connects that high-frequency machine with a mike that ripped its head open, later shooting it on the head. A Quiet Place ended with the Abbott family able to figure out the end of these Bloodthirsty monsters!

Difference Between Creatures & Zombie


The death angels play the main antagonist in Quiet Place. They happen to belong to Loki. Zombie viruses spread as they get bitten but creatures are not the same. They are super humanoid creatures, a perfect combination of humans and an animal with devilish instincts. They have superhuman speed, high-level animal intelligence and are evolved perfectly.

Quiet Place Creatures Origin

The Quiet Place Creatures origin is still unknown. It is said that an asteroid carried these creatures to the Earth. The asteroid got smashed later, it landed to a place in Mexico and began spreading thereafter.

Will these Quiet Place creatures be back?

The dark antagonist, the death angels would be seen in Quiet Place 2 as well. We might get to see more elevation in their characters and the way they attack. They have big ears like unfolding on their heads, without vision with they can source location of sounds too easy.

How These Quiet Place Creatures Kill?


They can hear in their best ways. High frequencies irritate and disorient their hearing setup, resulting in them to kill anybody who makes noise. They are sound sensitive, their strong power is their weakness too. The most striking feature of the dark angels. They ave a massive cabbage-like head which sections into multiple ears increasing his ability to hear and have sharp claws that rips anybody apart.

What more to expect in Quiet Place 2?

  • We would see character evolution in the sequel of Quiet Place. 
  • Emily Blunt who plays Evelyn Abbott would emerge as a strong, experienced survivor as we would see she loses her husband in the first one. She’s now more used to the facts about creatures and takes care of her children on her own.
  • We might hope to see the addition of more characters in the film. The fact that there would be other survivors who must be alive making it through these creatures. 
  • Monsters or the death angels were most threatening, not revealing much about them before the interval. This time, we might get to see more of the death angels in a quiet place. The demons’ will also be seen, giving them more exposure to the screen.

Where will the Abbott family find a new shelter? How will they welcome the new member, the youngest one? Well, a lot of questions to be answered and the curiousness is way high, isn’t it?

A Quiet Place 2 Release date

On 9 March 2018, A Quiet Place was released which did really well on the box office. People appreciated the concept of keeping everything silent. It is said that the script had only one dialogue when the father speaks to his kid near the waterfalls! Although the film was premiered on March 9, 2020, it later got delayed due to COVID-19. Now the movie is scheduled for Sept 4, 2020. Written and directed by John Krasinski, the movie is an American Sci-fi horror film that follows the same concept as the prequel.

Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe remain to play the main leads. Have you watched the trailer yet? If not, here’s the trailer for Quiet Place 2. Enjoy it!

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