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Robert Pattinson will Play the Batman 2021

You heard it right. Robert Pattinson will play the Batman releasing next year October 1, 2021. Not the very first time, the Fictional Superhero based movie has such a huge fan base, after all, it’s a DC Comics publishing, and movies are produced since 1943 and there is end number of Batman movies, with Robert Pattinson what’s different with this one? Let’s find out.

Will Robert Pattinson Play the Batman 2021? 

We could not have asked for a better batman, Not only that we will get to see a new face to Batman, this Cedric Diggory from Goblet of the fire has a different fan base. We all love him, don’t we? The fascinating Twilight and the Lighthouse star is all set to hit the show as soon the world becomes a better place.

The principal photography of the movie started in Jan 2020 but the shooting stopped due to Coronavirus pandemic. His preparations seem to progress as he said he’s working on his body for Batman before the shoot resumes, studying the worst of them all, Batman and Robin, 1997 with 11% ratings on rotten tomatoes that resulted being a disaster for the whole Batman franchise, considering the fans and critics and were huge learning for him to understand the goods and bads. Christine bale did a great job as an actor for the previous movie, Robert Pattinson is not a bad choice either. How excited are you to know that Robert Pattinson will play the Batman, 2021?

Is the Batman 2021 a Prequel?

Batman does have a lot of characters and series played. With Batman 2021, Robert Pattinson will be playing a man nearly in his 30s where he’s not a beginner not a professional, focusing on how will Batman build himself to be that fierce and loved character is something to focus on. We will see how ordinary man turns himself into a Superhero. Matt Reeves is the director of Batman 2021, he officially announced Robert Pattinson as the new Dark Knight. 

When will Batman 2021 Release?

Well, the principle photography started in January 2020 already but the process paused due to the pandemic. It is said the movie shooting must resume in September 2020. It was scheduled to be released on June 25, 2021, but due to postponed filming, the release date that’s confirmed is October 1, 2021.

Who will be the Villian in Batman 2021?

It’s quite safe to say that with Robert Pattinson returning as The Dark knight, there will be numerous villains and not just on in the Gotham city. The Villians include Riddler, Two-face, Penguin, and Catwoman primarily. There are also rumors that Scarecrow and Bane might also join the team of villains this time.

Did you watch the Batman 2021 trailer yet?

The two minutes of Batman trailer reveals few things, Robert Pattinson will be the Batman, a murder mystery plot, We see Riddler, Catwoman, Gordon, and Penguin as the villain, giving some badass JOKER vibes. Watch the trailer now.

Will Joker and Batman face each other in this trilogy?

Well, there’s no clear answer yet. Although we didn’t see Joker being introduced in the movie trailer, Reeves is looking for a New Joker to cast, so might as well! 

What will be Batman’s Batmobile?

Batman’s mobile is one of the top accessories fans look up to and Reeves version of Batmobile could not be anything simpler but American muscle-style V10 car. Probably you might be amazed to watch this run on the roads of Gotham City in theatres.

How much are you excited for the fact that Robert Pattinson will play Batman 2021, as will release on October 2021, is expected to release in theatres. Stay tuned for more updates about Batman 2021.

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