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Apple TV See Season 1 Characters Explained

Apple TV See is an American Science Fiction TV show Apple TV on Nov 1, 2019. It revolves around 600 years back in the future, a deadly virus has left mankind blind. Apple TV See depicts a world very far from how it looks now, but it shows as a probability of how it will be in the future for all the destruction we’ve done to nature. Here’s the list of the top Apple TV See Season 1 characters that we can’t miss out on. Centuries from now, almost the human race has lost the ability to see. Some say the sight was taken by God, To heal the Earth.

For the few who remain, vision is only a myth” And then what we see next is Baba Voss, in a mission to protect the children who can see which for some is Boon and for some, Bane.” Watch this little roller coaster ride of troops without sight and their struggles to protect the children. Apple TV officially announced the release date for the series on November 1, 2019. The sequel is set to release on August 27, 2021.

Apple TV See Season 1 Characters Explained

  • BABA VOSS: A skilled warrior, leader of Alkenny tribe, father of two children who are born with sight. He’s the leader of the tribe, protective, and a fierce guardian who would do anything to safeguard his family and his tribe. This is a cautious leader is played by Jason Momoa. We also know him for Khal Drogo in a fantasy series of Game of Thrones, Arthur Curry in Aquaman, Syfy in the Sci-fi movie Stargate Atlantis and many more. He’s the main protagonist, a good guy with a dark past, still a humble and loving human being.
  • QUEEN KANE: We have seen a lot of evil queens in the dictionary of entertainment. Now we encounter Sylvia Hocks as the evil queen Kane in the web show SEE on Apple TV. She’s disturbing, violent, cruel, and everything devilish. She is vulnerable but looks out for good things at the same time.
  • PARIS: The character of Paris is played by Alfre Woodard, a wise lady who’s very old in the Alkenny tribe. She’s grounded, experienced, and serves as the shaman of the Alkenny tribe. Baba Voss looks up to her as she’s old in the tribe and her opinions are valuable. She helps Baba Voss in taking decisions.
  • MAHGRA: Hera Hilmar is playing the character of Mahgra. She’s the wife of Baba Voss whom he’s extremely in love with. She’s new to the tribe. She gives birth to two children, Haniwa and Kofun who were kids of Jerlamarel, their real father. And due to that, the kids were gifted with vision. The only two who could see in the entire tribe.
  • TAMACTI JUN: He’s the head of Queen Kane’s army. He takes cares care of everything related to his tribe and works with Kane against Alkenny Tribe. He’s a royal tax collector and a witchfinder in Kane’s tribe and is very loyal to them for very long. His sense of loyalty towards law and his duty is what makes him different from other witchfinders.

Finally, The three reach the community, which used to be a school for the blind. They finally meet Rick. Malorie meets Dr. Lapham, the doctor she followed up with during her pregnancy. Malorie off next releases the birds and finally gives the children names, Tom and Olympia, and acknowledges herself to be their mother.


In Apple TV See, the dystopian future is here, people have lost their ability to see, as a story says that God took it away to heal the Earth! It’s been a while that people are far from what they call vision, but then Baba Voss and Mahgra are gifted with two babies, a boy, and a girl.

Mahara was pregnant with Jerlamarel before marrying Baba Voss. Queen Kane, the queen of Kanzua City has ordered Tamacti Jun to hunt down the so-called witches.

When Tamacti Jun returns with a message of two newborns with visibility, she asks to kill them, and hence, the story starts with a warzone, battle status. Haven’t you watched the series yet? Season 2 is already being announced to release very soon.

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