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Tandav Cast and Characters Explained Season 1

Before breaking down Tandav Cast and Characters of this web series streaming on Amazon Prime, let’s get a brief of the storyline of Tandav web series.

One of the latest releases by Amazon Prime, Tandav Web series is all in the news for good and bad reasons. On one hand, Tandav accumulates all the praises for Saif Ali Khan’s performance while not missing out on the fact that Comedian Sunil Grover made a huge debut in web-series and we’re all in shock and surprise both, in another hand, #tandavcontroversy trends on Twitter for all religious notions. Tandav Web series consists of a variety of cast that comes as a pinch of surprise and wowed us with their tremendous performance. 

Tandav web series Storyline

The storyline of Tandav web series is set in the capital of the world’s largest democracy, New Delhi introducing Samar Pratap Singh. He’s the son of Devaki Nandan Singh who’s going to be in power for the fourth time, and Samar, being his only son is Devaki Nandan’s biggest rival as he attempts to kill his father, hence succeeds.

Anuradha Kishore, who was very close to Devaki Nandan and was also a part of the party, was considered as an outside woman in politics. When Anuradha gets a clue of Devaki Nandan being killed by his son, she paves the way to her career in politics. Gurpal, Samar’s right hand stoic, ruthless, and very cunning as he keeps his eyes on every minute detail possible.

When Samar asks him if he feels guilty of the bad deeds he performs, Gurpal replies that he has a cat as a pet and feeds her milk when guilty. The overall plot revolves around the dirty politics, different personalities that one poses for the lust for power. There’s nothing good or bad.



Proceeding towards the cast and characters of Tandav, it is quite safe to say the casting of Tandav web series is been tremendously done. What comes as a dose of shock and surprise is the character of Gurpal, our absolute favorite played by Sunil Grover. When a comedian brings such an intense character, the seriousness, and goofiness brought a pinch of fresh air to the whole series.

Samar Pratap Singh (Saif Ali Khan)

Samar Pratap Singh is the son of Devaki Nandan, and also his rival. The character is played by Saif Ali Khan who is known to have smart and offbeat character choices, and undoubtedly nobody else other than him would have looked better. Samar is weird, classy and the bad boy who sometimes is also guilty of his actions and the ultimate murderer of his father Devaki Nandan.

Devaki Nandan Singh (Tigmanshu Dhulia)

Devaki Nandan Singh is in the power of the ruling JLD party and is going to be in power again as he’s just about to win the election. He is murdered by his son Samar Pratap as a result of lust for power.

Ayesha Pratap Singh (Sarah Jane Dias)

Ayesha Pratap Singh is Samar Pratap’s wife. She’s manipulative, wicked, and equally responsible for carrying out the murder. In most of the series, Saif’s better halves play an equally important role but somehow in Tandav web series, the character has nothing much to offer other than just sharing screens.

Anuradha Kishore (Dimple Kapadia)

Anuradha Kishore had a special relation with Devaki Nandan. Although she already had a clue of Devaki’s murder plan she didn’t attempt to sabotage Samar’s plan as it was a perfect moment to be in power too.

Gopal Das Munshi ( Kumud Mishra)

Gopal Das Munshi is the senior-most politician after Devaki Nandan who’s very clear of his surroundings and was expecting to be the next leading politician.

Gurpal (Sunil Grover)

Gurpal’s character comes as a breath of fresh air as Sunil Grover rises like a phoenix with his serious and intense acting. He’s Samar Pratap’s right hand who does every possible wrong deed for smooth running of politics.

Maithali (Gauahar Khan)

Maithali is Anuradha Kishore’s assistant who later backstabs her boss to be sound and safe by revealing her secrets to Samar Pratap.

Shiva Shekhar (Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub)

Shiva Shekhar is a college student from VNU who rose to fame due to a viral video about farmer’s protests overnight. His scene where the dialogues seemed to mock a specific religion lead to #tandavcontroversy and #boycotttandav went trending on Twitter! Samar uses the opportunity to influence this kid to bring him into his party due to the fame he has. Later he creates his political party named Tandav but its consequences were huge.

There were other characters including Sana Mir (Kritika Kamra), Professor Jigar (Dino Morea), Kailash Kumar (Anup Soni), Sandhya Nigam ( Sandhya Mridul), Aditi Mishra (Shonali Nagrani), Ada Mir (Amayra Dastur), and Ajay Ahluwalia (Hiten Ttejwani) as supporting roles who help to create the subplots bringing a major twist in the finale.

Undoubtedly Tandav cast and characters did ultimate justice to what was offered to them, although they could have better as the cast was even strong enough to bring intense and in-depth subplots and backstory that Tandav web series lacked in some points. Streaming now amazon prime, have you watched the series yet? #tandavonprime

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