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Urban legend of Candyman Explained

We have all seen the urban legend of Candyman in 1992, don’t we? A story of a supernatural killer who appears to be a mirror boogeyman who kills people who call his name 5 times in the mirror. What is this urban legend about? Is it a real story? Well, we will cover all the questions that arise in mind one by one. Candyman was originally about to release on June 12, 2020, in the United States. Sadly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the theatres are closed and the release has been scheduled for 2021 wherein we have no further details about the release.

Who is Candyman?

If you’ve ever wondered about the tales of Candyman, we get the curiosity. The movie narrates the story of Candyman who was a real man. He was the son of a black slave. He was Daniel who later an artist who fell in love with a white girl. When the father of the girl gets to know about them, he murders Daniel.

Candyman 2020 The Real Urban Legends

A lynch mob cut his right hand and smear his body in honey to attract Honey bees. Later, the honey bees bite him to death. Now, when you call Candyman 5 times in the mirror, a distorted body appears with a hooked right hand and a ton of bees follows him. He takes his revenge by gifting your death, then and there. Candyman is a fictional character played by Tony Todd. 

Urban legend of Candyman Explained

Clive Barker wrote the short story ” The Forbidden ” in 1985. The Candyman series is an adaptation of the same, however, it is said that few instincts of the story are real. Helen Lyle is working on a thesis project with her friend Bernie Walsh that involved modern folklore. Trevor (her husband) is a university professor who has an extramarital affair with one of his students.

They don’t have a happy family despite her being in love with Trevor. Helen and Bernie have interviewed a lot of people discussing such Urban legends when one of the women tells them about the urban legends of Candyman.

They tell them about a hook-handed young man who kills people if they call him 5 times in front of a mirror. Next, we see Clara who has two boyfriends, repeats Candyman 4 times with her boyfriend Billy while babysitting Johnson’s family baby.

Billy only repeats the name 4 times, but when Clara is alone in the washroom while getting ready to lose her virginity to Billy, she repeats Candyman for the 5th time. She turns off the light but Candyman stands just behind where she stands and murders her with his hooked arm.

Candyman 2020 The Real Urban Legends

One night, while Helen reviews the recorded conversation, a woman overhears the story of Candyman and takes it seriously, and calls another woman.

They tell Helen about the murders in Cabrini-Green Society, Chicago where she lives. The people of that society are threatened by the urban legends of Candyman who’ve encountered the deaths.

They know it’s Candyman as the dead have been butchered with a hook, as same as Candyman does. Helen finds out the list of murdered people in archived newspapers.

She also finds out that the layout of her own house is as same as the ones in Cabrini Greens. She gets to know that it was another such housing society, the idea was dropped later. 

One night while having dinner with Trevor, Bernie, and few colleagues of Trevor, Helen taunts Philip Purcell who’s a folklore expert telling about her thesis project of Candyman.

In return, Philip tries to belittle her saying he already wrote an essay on it. He reveals the backstory of Candyman and how he was killed. It took place at the site of Cabrini greens, where we’ve heard about all the deadly encounters.

Candyman 2020 The Real Urban Legends

Helen then meets Jake who further tells her about Candyman. Another death took place during her research where a Young boy is killed ruthlessly. While he was in a filthy public men’s toilet to meet the attacker who cuts his genitals off which results in him to death.

Helen goes inside to take pictures of the area where she’s approached by some goons, one out of them calls him candyman. Later she finds out that he’s a murderer who’s killed many people by the name of Candyman.

He had been using the legend of Candyman to frighten the people who stay in Cabrini-Green society and Helen’s testimony will help to stop him. Helen thanks Jake at the police station for his help, elaborating to him that the person who attacked her was real and that Candyman is not real. Jake was left with nothing but disappointment.

After some time passed by, Helen and Bernie have a conversation where Helen reveals the truths of racism. She tells that she is upset by the fact that the two murders, both of which featured black victims, were practically unnoticed, while her mere assault caused a lockdown of Cabrini-Green, maybe because she was a white victim.

Bernie shows her few pictures from her camera, where Helen had assumed was a complete write-off after the attack in the men’s room. On the way back in the car parking, Helen looks at those pictures, when she confronts a strange figure, a tall black man wearing a long coat and speaking in an unearthly voice. She realizes this is Candyman, although she can barely believe how it was even possible. 

Candyman asks Helen to become his victim, almost as if he was speaking to a lover. He tells Helen that since she exposed the real killer at Cabrini-Green, she has caused a sudden flaw in his world; the belief that people had about him by hundreds of people is what allows him to go on. But unfortunately, Helen’s incident has caused this belief to shatter. Now he is in danger of giving up to exist entirely.

Candyman wants to kill Helen, which would then give rebirth to his tale and cause belief to exist one more time. Helen faints and loses consciousness.

Candyman 2020 The Real Urban Legends

When she awakens, she is baffled furthermore realizes that she is in Anne-Marie’s apartment. She is draped in blood, and Anne-Marie is screaming wildly in the other room.

A meat cutter is lying next to Helen. She picks it up, tensed at what she may find going further in the other room. She finds Anne-Marie’s dog cut into pieces, its blood is spread everywhere. On the other hand, Anne-Marie is still screaming over the empty crib of her son, who has gone missing. 

When she sees Helen approaching her with a cutter, she thinks Helen is responsible for her dog’s death, and she rushes too.

When it seems as if she’s attacked her to kill, Helen strikes her with the cutter since it seemed as Annie wanted to kill her, wounding her shoulder, police entered and surrounded Helen.

At the jail, she faces the rude behavior of a policewoman where she asks to trip her clothes (strip search). Everybody thinks Helen is responsible for kidnapping Marie’s child. She calls Trevor but couldn’t find him as he was not at home, it was 3 a.m!

Trevor arrives the next day for Helen and takes her home, helping her get through a bunch of reporters and news cameras. Her lawyer (John Rensenhouse) tells Helen that the prosecutors have released her because they think the child’s body will be found and they will then charge Helen with murder.

Helen feels a bit comforted, but she still cannot find out what has happened to her. She questions Trevor about where he was at 3 a.m, and he claims he was home, sleeping. We know he was not, right? 

The next day, Helen looks more at the pictures she took at Cabrini-Green where in one shot she sees Candyman standing right behind her, even though he was not present when she took the photo. He then appears to her once again, emerging from her medicine chest, and then everywhere at once.

Candyman 2020 Full movie The Real Urban Legends

She cannot escape him now she realized that. He tells her that s she belongs to him and that she will be immortal if she surrenders herself to him.

She is shocked with fear, but when she hears Bernie knocking at the door to her apartment, carrying a spray of flowers, maybe she came here to cheer Helen. Helen tries to scream and warn her, but Bernie enters and Candyman kills her.

Trevor enters the room and he encounters Helen covered with blood holding a knife asking him to help her. She gets handcuffed to a gurney and is given injections.

She breaks free from the police guard and rushes into the other room to see Bernie’s disfigured corpse. The police take her, she hears Candyman’s voice, and she begs him not to kill the baby.

Helen is taken to an institution and fasten down and injected. When she is alone, Candyman appears to her again and tells her that her life is over and he belongs to him now. When she screams for help but they cannot see Candyman, only Helen.

Helen is taken to see Dr. Burke (Stanley DeSantis). He informs her that he is working for her defense. Helen is surprised to learn that she has been in the facility for an entire month, under heavy doses of medications. Helen “calls” for Candyman by looking into a mirror and saying his name five times.

Candyman appears and kills Dr. Burke, then slashes Helen’s bonds. Later, Candyman disappears through a window, smashing the glass. Helen uses the window to escape to another room. She steals a nurse’s uniform, putting her unconscious, and runs away from the hospital. 

Helen goes home to her apartment where another shock awaits her. She sees a younger student who has moved in with Trevor and having an affair. They are afraid to see Helen as she’s accused of so many crimes.

Depressed of what just happened, she leaves the place with Trevor, but now she had no place to go. Helen goes to Cabrini-greens and seeks out Candyman’s lair. She finds Candyman asleep and tries to kill him, but he wakes up and again asks her to surrender him. She has a good afterlife and she ill is immortal.

The Real Urban of Legends Candyman 2020

He tries to kiss Helen and bees come out of his mouth and his body, stinging Helen, and she faints. When Helen gets her consciousness back, finds that she is alone. Looking at the walls of Candyman’s lair, she realizes that she looks like his lost love and that’s why she’s attacked by Candyman.

Later she finds Anthony inside the pile of scraps of wood and garbage. She goes to rescue Anthony but when she does that, Jake awakes and thinks of her for Candyman as he has a hook in her hand.

Mistaking her for Candyman, Jake alerts a group of other people who live there and together they go outside with gasoline and torches to burn Candyman alive on the fire.

With the spreading flames, Helen reaches to Anthony but Candyman stops her. He asks her to burn with him to continue the urban legend of Candyman but Helen fights back. Helen can rescue the child but her head is deeply burnt leading her to death.

At Helen’s funeral, Trevor is with few people, until suddenly they look up and see a group of people from Cabrini-Green marching towards the gravesite. Anne-Marie and Jake are also there. While she’s happy to find her child back, Jake takes Candyman’s hook and keeps it with Helen’s grave.

Trevor is upset about the death of Helen. After the funeral, he isolates himself to the bathroom and when he calls Helen 5 times in the mirror suddenly Helen’s ghost appears behind him and kills him.

He’s found dead by Stanley, his lover. Her legend has though begun. The story follows in the same context in the sequel movie of Candyman as well.


In September 2018, Jordan Peele was planning to produce the sequel for the legends of Candyman in 1992 through Monkeypaw Productions. By Jan 2019, it was confirmed that Stanfield will be in the film. Todd was anyways going to be the Candyman, was confirmed and Helen will be played by Virginia Madsen.

The movie will serve as a “spiritual sequel of the legend”, taking place back in the new Cabrini Green where the old housing projects development once used to be there in Chicago.

Candyman(1992) is an American African movie set in the 19th century. It is followed by Candyman, farewell to the flesh in 1995, and Candyman, the day of the dead in 1999. Now we would see another sequel of Candyman in 2021 which will be a direct sequel of Candyman(1992).

We would one more time see Tony Todd play as graceful as before, nailing with his art. Surely this brings a lot of excitement in the context of watching or not, But what we feel, It’s surely going to be a must-watch!

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