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Vision Monsters in Bird Box Revealed!

Ask for best movie recommendations for Netflix, Bird Box is the name that will top the list every time. The movie was released on December 21, 2018, and one of the most-watched films in the first week (45 million)! Bird Box is a dystopian movie that introduces us to some unknown creatures: The Vision Monsters! In this blog, we’ll answer the questions about these Vision monsters in Bird Box.

What were the creatures in the Bird Box?

We couldn’t see the creatures of Bird Box, it marked its presence with a rustling of leaves with a queer voice and birds adding to it as well. We will also be able to see some dark disfigured shadows making an undesirable voice. The most frustrating part of the movie is that you can not see these creatures. You can easily get affected by it anytime! The risks get high! Charlie, a character from the movie Bird Box, has an explanation though.

He knows Demonology and he’s in a process of completing his novel which revolves around the same. According to his research, he tells about global mythology and religion, Celtic, Citing Chinese and other folklore call them Demons or Monsters.

What is the history of Vision monsters in Bird Box?

The concept of creatures in Bird Box inspired by ” The Blair Witch Project’s book” that never shows the monster. It is said that the movie is inspired by The Happening by M. Night Shyamalan. In the above, a group of four try to rescue themselves from getting affected by a natural calamity. So is it nature’s way of controlling the human population? Maybe, maybe not!

Another instance where we see Gary pulling out some sketches of those vision monsters which gives us a slight idea of what the actual demon might look like.

Vision Monsters in Bird Box Revealed!

Although none of the sketches look the same, there’s focus on a demon with tentacles, Cthulhu. We can relate it to Lovecraft’s short story that is “The Call of Cthulhu” showing such demons with tentacles. They’re so unholy and powerful that the human mind can not apprehend this. The tentacles shown in the sketches could be an inspiration for this.

Why the survivors find the creatures beautiful?

Firstly, who were these survivors after all? If they saw them, how are they still alive? Yes, I’m sure a lot of such questions must be in your mind! Let’s go back to where it started. At the beginning of the movie, we saw people getting suicidal after they got a vision of there eerie creatures. Getting a glimpse of such a thing made the people think about their sad times and regret that, making them kill themselves. So probably that these vision monsters affect the people who’re mentally fit.

Gary mentioned they’ve run from a mental hospital. Taking in concern that Gary came from the mental hospital and was one of the survivors, he might be one of those mentally impaired. In that case, he would have seen those monsters and sketched them and made people view these monsters.

Why these vision monsters in Bird Box kept anonymous?

Andy Bergholtz, the Creative Designer and Sculptor was the man behind the creation of these night monsters. Well it had a baby faced creature, vein headed, swollen ears, and a snake-like body!

Vision Monsters in Bird Box Revealed!

A scene where Malorie confronts this monster in a scary illusion. It was later removed by the director due to two reasons:

1. The structure looked funny in the scene rather than getting scared. That would have been a compromise with the climax.

2. Keeping these vision monsters in Bird Box anonymous would add more scope of curiosity.

Will Bird Box have a sequel?

With these vision monsters in the Bird Box keeping unseen, there’s a huge chance of making a prequel. Although the plot was completed with a sorted ending. There’s a lot of curiosity about these creatures and people would love to see how the story proceeds and decodes these vision monsters in Bird Box. Or maybe, a new whole dimension to the film?

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